Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas....New Years.....It's All a Blur

This fall and Christmas season has flown by I haven't blogged much since school started so I'm going to make one of my infamous lists with events, emotions, milestones and accomplishments....And, if I don't find myself too busy or lazy, I am going to try to post a montage of pictures....I have 3 memory cards that are full that have yet to be downloaded from all Lindsey moments beginning last April, maybe March....I am really bad at that, our computer is slower than the postal I don't make time to fool with that.....
I am rambling, here is my list some relative order of occurrence but don't hold me to it....

  1. Co-leading a fun group of 3rd graders with my girlfriend , both of our oldest children are members of Little Sisters, think ultra conservative Brownie Scout's without the cookie sales.
  2. Chauffeur to Emma, Molly and sometimes Mike for rehearsal to this. Let me tell you they all rocked. Emma auditioned, Mike was needed b/c he is a great singer and can act and Molly got bribed into the show b/c she is little and cute...they all were great. We even got Uncle Pat sucked in.
  3. Because after that show was over, (like 2 days after 5 days of midnight rehearsals and morning school shows (2 a day W,TH, and 1 FR.) and evening shows and early mornings) CALL ME CRAZY...I auditioned for Into the Woods....I didn't get a part but anxiously await the phone call to be recruited for backstage was fun to audition.
  4. We participated in the girls school Christmas Festival fundraiser (baking for the bake sale, set up, running the hot dog stand and attending)
  5. We had a great Thanksgiving with most of my relatives from my moms side....I love them the best, but don't tell anyone....
  6. We, I mean Owen cut his first two teeth, one the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and one Thanksgiving Day.
  7. He is now sitting up and talking and laughing and rolling and SO MUCH FUN!!!! I am not sure how we could have managed without him in our lives...Thank you, Lord!
  8. I am still trying to find the floor in our home and catch up on that'll ever happen....
  9. MIKE PASSED HIS SUPER HARD CISCO CLASS!!!! We were really worried for a moment but God answered our prayers....He always listens to us and answers in His perfect time.
  10. I still have two packages to be shipped that I just can't seem to force myself to go to the post office to expedite....sorry baby Hope and little might get your baby gifts and Christmas treats before you graduate from college....they are quite nice and festive in their wrappings....What is my deal....
  11. I am determining to make choices and to set examples that I would want my children to inherit....I'd better tackle #10!
  12. We had an amazing Christmas! We had several financial crisis in the last year that set us back ( over $3,000 on car repairs in 3 months, med expenses for one of our girls and catch up from all the extra expenses that came up with mom not home to take care of things last spring) so we had decided to taper our gifting down significantly, but the Lord blessed us through the generosity of dear friends and our kids were blessed beyond what we would have done normally we do our best to put our focus on the Jesus' birthday and giving time energy talent to was as if Jesus had come to each of our girls and personally whispered how much he loved them....They are great kids and very grateful, I am very thankful that they are so content and happy. It was a hard year for them too....
  13. I am having a few health issues related to my Castleman's Disease. I was in remission as of June 18th, but have been extra fatigued and have three lymph nodes at the base of my skull/brain and nape of my neck that are pronounced and bulging and sore...I have also had some low grade fever unexplained and joint, prayers are needed for healing. It isn't too serious, just a nuisance. They can dissolve, so that is my prayer.
  14. I am planning and getting ready to take pictures for New Years/Epiphany Cards....I am determined to get this done, I never sent out birth announcements for Owen, I was wrapped up in healing for 4 months....which brings me to
  16. But I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder....just alot of anxiety and junk to deal with that was out of my control.

That is all I can think of right now.....but I will be back....I hope to blog more this year and I hope to get pictures up soon....

Just thought I would touch base....catch me on Facebook....I can catch up with people there in like 30 minutes a day...5 min. here 10 mins. get the profile id is Dianna Ringel Lindsey.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If You Really Want to Know Me...
Here is my Personal DNA. It is very interesting and quite accurate, I should try it out.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Craziness It Starts With a Capital D

...Mike is out of town this weekend, he'll be home around 11:00 tonight. I was determined to have fun with the girls, when I am gone, that's what he gets to do....
Our activities without him have included,
Friday night, taco bell....I asked and everyone ordered their wasn't until I sat down with the food and the two younger princesses learned that Taco Bell has KIDS MEALS! And, There was much wailing and gnashing of, I went back and ordered a second dinner....our $9 meal had turned into $17....
I was not going to be shaken! I. WAS. GOING. TO. HAVE. FUN! So we went to the dollar theater and attempted to watch Journey to the Center of the Earth, two potty breaks later the movie was over. It was a good movie.
We were home at about 10:15 and it was to bed.
Saturday, we woke up at 8:30-this was heavenly. 9:30 girl #2 went on a little sisters outing and Aunt Lulu came to watch girl #3 and Owen, while girl #1 went to an audition for A Christmas Carol--12:15 I was home and loaded girl #1 and Owen to go to #1's little sisters meeting at the indoor aquatic center here in town for some chilly weather swimming. Back at 3:20....Load everyone at 3:40 go to the dreaded Walmart to pick up all the candy and treats for our childrens portion of our churches Fall Festival 5:10 home again.
Make Salad, bread, load dessert and everyone to go to a dinner with some friends....leave at 6:27, it was three doors away. Relax. Breath.
7:30 load back up throw kids in bed
Feed Owen, bathe, change him 9:00 I was out.
Sunday 7AM
Up, breakfast, load up for church at 9AM
Help arrives at church...Thank you, Lord!!! stuff treat bags. Attend worship, Feed Owen...Set up tables deal with kids on a sugar high. Eat lunch...feed other people kids more sugar send them home:) Clean up. Load up. Stop in at a department store to buy picture day outfits (for tomorrow). Home at 3:38. Baby naps Kids out to play....Laundry, breakfast dishes.
Dinner at 5:30 and now the girls are in the shower and getting ready for bed by 8PM....

Told ya I am crazy....BTW, it has been fun but it is different being the mom left to tend...when I leave, I generally leave meals cooked and things in order...and come home to restore order...maybe that's why Mike has so much fun!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yummy Fall Recipe....Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins...

1 cup flour ( I use fresh milled spelt or white wheat)
1 cup sugar (honey is nice, too)
1tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp of baking soda
1/4 tsp. salt
1 tsp. of cinnamon
1 pinch of ginger
2 eggs beaten
1 c canned pumpkin
1/2 c cooking oil
1/2 c chocolate chips
In a large bowl combine the eggs, pumpkin, and oil. Then, add the dry ingredients to it. Then dump in the chocolate chips...Spoon the mix into greased (I use Pam) muffin tin. Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Becky, your kiddos might like these, they are milk-free:).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Julianna, My Sweet Inquisitor...

My sweetest Julianna, (written for you for your birthday September 27, It has taken me 2 weeks to complete this)
Happy Birthday! I am so glad that God has charged me with your care. You are a precious gift! I love how you are headstrong, compassionate and avid in everything you do. I love you for the way you love. You are beautiful! You are passionate about your brother, you could spend the rest of your life looking out for him and be totally content. You strive for justice and to show mercy to others. You are a great protector of your sisters, you are the first to be a friend when they can't seem to find one and you don't easily take offense when they do find one and no longer need you. You are humble. You are such a great helper and hard worker. And, for being the middle girl in our bunch, you are determined to break the mold. I understand you all too well! Every time I look into those deep bluish-green eyes, I feel as if I am looking into a mirror, only 22 years ago. You drive me nuts only because you can ; ). Nana would have said the same about me when I was a little girl.
You're anxious but willing to exceed any was so hard for you to be brave while I was away from you this past spring, you felt it most deeply. But, the moment you saw your baby brother safe and sound, I knew by the look on you face that you had made peace with it in your soul--it finally made sense. It was such a hard sacrifice for such a little girl, you did it with utmost grace. It was more than I would have chosen for you to bear, I have great faith that God is going to use that experience to grow you and His Kingdom in ways we can't imagine...I can't wait to see miracles unravel because of His refining fire in you.
I pray that the Lord would use your determination and strong-will to conquer the enemy through spiritual warfare and your knowledge of what is good and true. My deepest prayer is that you would would continue to hunger and long deeply for the Word of God.
Just so you remember, this past summer, you begged for your own 'real' Bible. Daddy bought you one, you cherish it, you feast on it daily--you won't go to bed until Daddy has read with you, I love that! It has called me on, BIG TIME. Julianna, I pray to be just like you when I grow up! I love you with all my heart! I could never be who I am if you weren't here. You are the best 7 year old in the whole world! I am the luckiest Mom in the world! God loves me too much to have blessed me with you.
I love you chicken lips!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I have never heard of that kind before....

Me: Hey Julianna, where do you want to have dinner for your birthday?

Julianna: Cracker Barrel....Oh No, I mean I want a Hot TO-MOLLY from the Chinese restaurant, Vera Cruz.....

I couldn't help but to giggle....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We are Surviving and Hoping to Soon Be Thriving...

School is back in full swing and with lunches to be made, PE uniforms to be remembered and a new year of PTA, I am officially ready for summer vacation! I am not normally so gung-ho for the girls to be underfoot and I thought I would be ready to send them back, but after my crazy spring and the crazy arrival of our new prince...I have been pining away for the company of my girls. I have been kind-of sad actually.
I had grandiose plans of walking them to school nearly everyday and am working up to it slowly--I have only walked twice out of 6 days so far. I am really out of shape and it is hard work due to my incision still not being healed completely. I am praying that it will be closed and totally healed, that is not all bad news. I am making the effort, it is just slower going than I had anticipated. I have lost 11lbs. So yay for ME!!!
I am finding creative ways to meet my commitments with a bundle of blessings attached to me all the time. That is interesting for everyone involved. I am starting to doubt God's design in mothers--I think he should have considered making us with 8 arms, like the octopus.
Other new news, both Emma and Julianna are going to be in Augusta Players Youth Theater's production of A Year with Frog and Toad, so rehearsals will be all consuming in a couple of weeks with the show opening in the middle of, if you are in the area, look for the two cutest squirrels.
I am off to the store to buy some bread....I underestimated our sandwich count for this week.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You Wanna See Something Really Cute?

Under Construction

I have heeded the advice of several anonymous commenter(s). I changed my profile so the text is easier to see and read. I am mourning the loss of my cute earthy-sunflower profile. I loved it, I just couldn't figure out how to make the blog column a solid here's to you anonymous commenter(s)....

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Hardest Conquest....

Okay, so here comes my humility, I am back to being plain old me, I have taken off my cape and super-turbo jets.....

I am on a mission to lose weight. A huge amount of weight. I am determined to not count calories, fat grams, and definitely won't be counting carbs. I am NOT going to be paying anyone so that I can stand on a scale and sit through a meeting weekly (not because this is a bad thing, I just can't afford a) gas to get to said meeting b) the $44 dollars a month it would cost and c) a sitter to watch my darlings while I am away). I am going to make sure that I get adequate nutrition as I am feeding my baby and plan to for awhile. My honest to goodness problem is not that I eat huge portions, though I could make them a little smaller, it is that I simply snack all the time...I have eaten like a pregnant person for the last 8 1/2 years or so. I have a head start, I weigh less than what I did when Owen was conceived, but after sitting/laying/lounging about being a baby-growing-bum (as my nurses and husband like to refer to me) at the U.H. for 5 weeks I have NO muscle tone and am still wearing my maternity legs tremble when I walk across the shallow end of the pool or if I stand for more than 10 minutes to make dinner. I literally need physical rehab and was warned, but I I know my OB wasn't joking me...I pant when I walk up my drive way. I get light-headed if I try to speed walk 8 doors down to my girlfriends house to visit. I am not complaining just laying out my current condition. I would put myself in this condition willingly a million times over to have my healthy boy--I am extremely grateful. I am just saying that I have a ways to go to get my body healthy, so I am around to protect this precious boy from the wrath of all things pink and frilly a.k.a his sisters.
My plan is to lose 10 lbs a month for 1 year, that's 2 1/2 lbs. a week. Not too much, too quickly. I will be closer to my 'ideal size/weight' I am going to exercise, starting slowly. My biggest goal is to walk my kids to school at least 4 mornings a week, that's 2 miles round trip, plus I may try to pick them up doing the same--this will be very good for them as well. I will also be doing some strength training, I am thinking Pilate's at home for awhile until I have my stamina back up a bit (with a friend or two I hope).

Please pray for me, this will be one of the hardest things I've ever done. I think this will be up there with incision re-opening, being away from home for 5 weeks, have a baby in the NICU, missing my little girls events and carpools and not having my husband by my side.....We are all well and whole and I am going to be clinging to the grace that is hovering over me.
Again, PLEASE PRAY for me.

Peace for now...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Baby Girl has Just Turned 8!!!

It's a Nancy Drew Mystery Party

I think this may have been the one of the most clever things I've thought up in quite awhile! Emma turned 8 yesterday and she wanted a Nancy Drew Party. I couldn't find that in character party-ware, not wanting my girl dissappointed on her big day...I strapped on my thinking cap and went to work. This my friends is what a sleep deprived, crazy (about my kids) mom of four can come up with...I will work on my humility tomorrow...

The invitation was the first clue with the time and place....clue for what, you ask...The mystery was to find Emma's birthday cake and ice cream. It lead us to our Papa Gary and Nana Sara through the 'woods' across the street, through the backyards...Papa Gary wasn't to blame but we got our disguise glasses and a new clue that lead us to one of the party-participants house up the block, this time her little brothers were the guilty culprits. Then to the girls first grade teachers house, she loves sweets but she didn't steal Emma's cake. There were more clues and other stops. We were successful in breaking the case, Molly Grace was guilty as charged, she only took the cake to decorate it and to honor Emma on her day! It was hidden in the microwave and was waiting for us when we got home. Boy was I exhausted and boy all those girls were soooo NOT! It was so much fun and will not soon be forgotten.

To complete our party experience, we made headbands (Nancy Drew always wore headbands), watched the movie and ate pizza and ice cream. Everyone had a blast or so it seemed. Emma had no idea about all the clues, so this was really a big undertaking. I had so much fun, I am seriously considering copyrighting my idea and selling it to other moms. Like I said, I will work on humility tomorrow and/or read this when I am having one of those "I-am-good-for-nothin" days.

Special thanks to my great and wonderful friend Amy, she really saved the day! I had just under two hours left and no cake made and she pilfered through her pantry and gave us a cake mix and really would've been a mystery, had she not offered. And all our special friends who we consider close family for helping me pull this off. Especially for Nana Sara who partied with the best of us and stayed around til the bitter end, you are a wonderful grandmother to my kids! In the words of my kids "YOU ROCK!!!" or as one might say "YOU WOCK!!!"

I love you, Emma and I so appreciate that you keep me on my toes and force blood flow to my brain! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to have fun! I couldn't be more blessed than to have been given you as our first-born! You're stylish and witty, plus,your beautiful and crafty...we need to work on those manners some more. You are just and pure! You want everyone to be treated kindly and you set the bar high with your example. You were so brave even though it was soo hard for you while mommy was in the hospital for those five long weeks. You are a fighter--you are a warrior for life and giving that chance to the helpless. You are so snuggly and cuddly. You are the best, most wonderful 8 year old I know. Your my princess, part of my legacy and if I were gone tomorrow, know that I would be so proud of who you are and what you stand for! You have amazing gifts and I know that you have every intention in using them for the glory of God. I love you, Emmabug....


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How the 'World' Views the Value of Life....

Have you heard the story about the runner-up for the Nobel Peace Prize?
Irena Sendlerowa1910-2008
May 12 marked the death of a 98-year-old lady named Irena.During WWII, Irena received permission from the Nazis to work in the Warsaw ghetto as a plumbing/sewer specialist.She had an ulterior motive...Being German, she knew the Nazis' plans for the Jews and smuggled infants out in the bottom of the large tool box she carried. Larger children were placed in a burlap sack in the back of her truck. Also in the back was a dog that she had trained to bark each time the Nazi guards allowed her out of the ghetto and back in.The soldiers, of course, wanted nothing to do with the dog, and its barking covered any noise made by the infants and small children. Irena managed to smuggle out approximately 2,500 children before she was finally caught. When she was captured, the Nazis beat her severely, breaking both her arms and her legs.Irena kept a record of the names of all the children she smuggled out of that Warsaw ghetto and kept them in a glass jar buried under a tree in her back yard.After the war, she tried to locate any parents who may have survived so she might reunite the child with its family. Most, of course, did not survive the Holocaust, and the vast majority of the surviving children were placed in foster homes or adopted.Last year Irena was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but she lost to Al Gore, who won the award for presenting a slide show on Global Warming. True story. Check it out at True!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If you need a good laugh...

this is so funny...hope you don't mind pat...i still chuckle at the thought....

Monday, July 28, 2008

My attempt to Get Back on Track...

Thanks to Becky at Boys Rule My Life...I am going to try to simply get back in the swing of things and this is a concrete way to start...everyone has to eat supper. I was inspired to start b/c of her and she was b/c of Organizes Junkie.....

This weeks meals are..

Chicken Enchiladas

Crock Pot Roast with Veggies (I put my frozen roast in on High at 9AM and it is perfect by 6!!!)
Rolls (I have spelt already milled so I'll do some quick rise yeast rolls)

Chef Salad
7 grain bread
strawberries and cream

Honey-Glazed Pork Loin
Baked Sweet Potatoes
Sweet peas
Fruit Salad

Stuffed Shells
Italian Bread
Chocolate pudding

Shrimp Stir-fry
Fruit Salad

Black Beans and Rice with Turkey Sausage
Corn Muffins

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fourth of July way late, pics of the girls are soon to come...(I am just able to upload pics!)

Owen and Nana

Owen at 10 weeks

The two most handsome men in my what they have professionally mastered. If only you could get a paycheck for such great talent. Sleeping and growing--what a life.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Midsummer Resolution...

Yes, it's true. We have been practicing being professional bums. Lounging about in jammies until 1:00, watching movies, sittitng around the house, staying up late and sleeping in late....It has been a bit necessary, or so I'd like to think. Anywho, this is my resolution to get off my behind by 9AM and do things like finish and turn in our summer reading program folders, some laundry, gather school uniforms, and get caught up in general. So, I've said it. I am going to do it...well, I'll try anyway. It doesn't help that I have a baby who'd rather be held all day than spend 'tummy-time' on the floor while I fold a load of laundry...I know it's sad, I am already making excuses and I haven't even started....
I'm going, I'm going....Wish me luck!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Molly!

Love-bug, I am amazed that you are 5 years old! It seems like just yesterday you were born. I can remember the first time I held you and nursed you. Your sweet little cry and your content spirit. Now, you are rambunctious and have to feel everything. You love your sisters more than you'd ever consider acknowledging.
Molly Grace, you have amazing gifts. You have such great generosity--you even let me borrow $2 at the grocery store, so I didn't have to write a check or use my card. You are a passionate dancer, I love watching you twirl in the kitchen and living room in pure worship. You are funny, you always make me laugh. I am so grateful that the Lord chose us to care for you. You are hospitable and gracious...
You are quick to forgive and the first to suggest prayer in times of trouble. You call me to a higher level of holiness, I see Jesus in you and want to do better and lead you in righteousness. You are very creative, the way you re-hung all those pictures in my bedroom when I got home from the hospital touched my heart...there were more than 50 pieces of construction paper covered with prayers and art--you made my room like a prayer garden. You all ways go the extra mile to show love!
You love Emma, Julianna and'd rather be with them than with others, even though they get on your nerves. You are a great friend, too.
I love you and pray that I can help you to love the Lord more in the coming year, though it seems to work the other way around...I will still do my best and try.
I love you with all my heart!
Mommy (to be said in a high-pitched, squeally voice)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Perfect Slice of Heaven!

Owen Michael Lindsey,
baby rooster among all the chicks
Isn't he perfect? This is what I have been spending, oh, say 20 hours a day kissing, holding, nursing, snuggling, and lots of time in tears of gratitude that I could experience this precious, who says I deserve such a blessing?
While I was in the hospital, I devoted myself to earnestly praying for several women in my neighborhood who desperately want a baby and any of them would sign up for the same risky road with faith that their prize would be the same, and I assumed that I was immune to such hardship...doing what I had to do for those 5 weeks and now through my recovery has been nothing compared to the overwhelming joy I experience daily. My God spoils me and loves me so much!
Lord, please give them their hearts desire. I plead your perfection over their bodies and beg you to hear their cries. Amen.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Miracles DO Happen!!! And God is SO Faithful!!!

Hello friends! I would like to tell you that God is so awesome! Owen Michael Lindsey was born on May 8, 2008, at 10:31 AM, 4 pounds 12 1/2 ounces, 17 1/2 inches long and every bit as perfect as a slice of Heaven on Earth.

The miracle takes place in that my son's amniocentesis came back immature, meaning that life support would be breathing for him until he grew into his lungs. He was born 5 weeks early to a very sick, preeclamptic mommy. God gave me such a peace the night before the C-section. He kept whispering His promises in my ear...I have plans to prosper you (and Owen)...I have knit him together in your womb and I will breath life into his lungs the moment I choose...I will have Glory in this situation!...You will know my promises are real and that my love is never-ceasing for you and the life I have allowed you to co-create with me...This will be a testament to draw people close to my heart.

Thank you for praying! I have had confirmation that tens of thousands of people all over the world have been petitioning God on our behalf...Owen Michael is such a gift and a blessing. He is perfect. He was soo worth all the heart-ache and sacrifice. Our lives would have been incomplete without him. He is home with us after only 5 days in the NICU. He DID NOT need any help breathing, The Lord took care of everything. He just needed a little help learning how to nurse, stay comfy-cozy warm, and to keep his blood sugar up. Everything kicked in very quickly, within 48 hours he was off of IV meds, dextrose and was eating like a champ.

I am so blessed and can't wait to show him off and tell people what the Lord has done for us!

Friday, May 2, 2008

An update

I have had Urine studies several days this week and I am quickly heading toward toxemia/preeclampsia, the number are consistently climbing and rapidly.
I have an amnio scheduled this Monday AM and have OR/ Delivery time schedule for Thursday the 8th at 9:15. Please pray that his lungs are clear and developed, and that he can be an aggressive nurser. I am most anxious about my baby boy having cords and tubes protruding from every surface of his body. Please pray that I would have peace, I am a very anxious person, and tend to play the 'what if' game, which is useless to everyone.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I am still here...

I have not fallen off the face of the earth, I promise. I have spent the last 2 and 1/2 weeks in the hospital and will remain here for up to 4 more weeks. I had a catastrophic placenta previa bleed the morning of April 10th. Everything is fine and Owen is growing and developing perfectly. That same morning, I was also made aware of another big problem I have acquired with the placenta previa, I have Vasa-previa. Apparently, part of my placenta tissue has died, exposing a major fetal vessel on my cervix leaving it totally unprotected. The problem with that is that bleed puts your body in labor and I go into labor and dilate at all that vein will likely rupture, allowing less than five minute to safely deliver Owen. I live 15 minute away from the hospital with no traffic, trains, or red lights. So, I lie here in room 408 growing a baby and praying like crazy that my amnio in 2 weeks will show that his lungs are fully developed as they hope to deliver him right at 36 weeks, which is May 15th, I think (whatever that Thursday is).
If you pray, pray for my girls and Mike, they are doing great, but would prefer that mom be at home and normalcy to take over. Pray for baby Owen that he would remain comfortable in my belly for the next few weeks. And, lastly pray that anxiety and feelings of helplessness would not overtake me, especially in regards to my little girls who need me at home.

Pray for the many people who love us and are serving us so selflessly, I will never be able to repay them. I am blessed and pray that I can be optimistic and give God glory in this situation.

I will update as the weak wifi connection will allow.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Life with Girls...Busy, Busy, Busy....

It has been a whirl-wind month here! Lots of exciting things have gone on in our lives. I am going to simply list them and you will know why I haven't had the neurons to rub together to produce anything worth here is the bulk of how we have spent our time...

1) Julianna was an Oompa Loompa in Augusta Players Children's Wing Production of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', which, let me tell you...we spent our entire weeks grocery budget at Chik-Fil-A and Subway over that 7 days of late rehearsal and showtime. (I was worried that I had gained 20 lbs., I only gained two. Thank you Jesus. It was the best thing for Julianna, it gave her something of her own, it helped her to see that her contribution to big projects can be accepted and appreciated.
2) Emma auditioning and accepting a part as a Munchkin in Augusta Players Mainstage Theater, big deal, she will have to miss a week of school because of all the school performances that they will offer.
3) I have done at least 105 loads of laundry, we did have the tummy bug twice....we are all better here-Praise the Lord.
4) I have had 6 doctors appointments in the last month. All good and the biggest blessing, my original OB, the incredible one who sat in bed with me while I labored with Emma and then saved her life and that delivered my other two girls, who just recently decided to quit OB work and only do gynecology, you know, well she has picked me up and is going to deliver Owen in June and made note in my chart that she would oversee any and all OB care I could ever need. Dr. Chance, I love you!!! She rocks and I am soo blessed....not knowing who was going to deliver my baby (by C-section) caused many tears on my part. When she first walked in the exam room, her words were precious and few, 'Welcome home, Dianna!'.
5) My girls have been on Spring Break this past week. It has been so nice to welcome the pollen by sleeping in until 8 or 8:30 every morning. Our week has been fun. Lots of digging up wild onions, cleaning them and distributing them to neighbors (who graciously accepted these fine treasures from the backyard), a fashion show put on by my girls and their friend at a local department store-trying on 20 dresses each and strutting down the aisle, after being announced in such charming spring trends, of course, Easter Egg Hunts and parties and ending everyday scrubbing under toe nails and finger nails because of the hours spent being kids getting filthy in the yard.
6) Making plans to finish our kitchen, we have been walking on sub-flooring for 3 years because of a tile job gone wrong and now we have the financial ability to hire out the job. I am soo excited!
We will be changing all the colors in our living spaces with this venture, too.
7) Prayerfully discerning and making the decision 'to or not to' homeschool in the fall. We haven't decided for sure, but it may be the best thing for at least two of our girls--I am researching and asking for clarity and grace.
8) Making laid back and fun preparations for a Happy Resurrection Sunday! We are going to try those resurrection cookies and egg dying tonight and contributing a 7-layer salad, dirt cake and heading up the great Hunt at Papa and Nana's tomorrow after church.

It has been busy and exciting and I am still trying to put all the pieces back in place so I can see the floor, but I wouldn't and couldn't trade it for the world!

May Christ fill you with wonder and awe as you Rise With Him on Resurrection Day!


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lord, Bring Your Healing.....

Last night, after a full afternoon of homework, play, laundry and cooking--good, just busy. The day ended with tears and a very sleepLESS night. Everyone has been kind-of puny because of this respiratory virus that has been going around...then, at around 9:15 Emma came in crying and complaining that her ear hurt. She couldn't get comfy. Nothing helped. She was wide awake, crying and moaning ALL night. Like, no sleeping. It is almost supper time and she is still awake. No sleep in about 36 hours!
Needless to say, I took her in this morning and the other two have been just as snotty so I figured it wouldn't hurt to have the doctor give them a once over while we were on that side of town and catch anything that may be in the making. Sure enough Emma has a double ear infection and one ear is bulging with bloody pus behind it, plus, all three have raw sinuses and throats. We are not on a ten day round, but 14 days of Augmentin ES. Thank God it was bacterial and we are in a place where we can get medicine and help at a moments notice. Lord, heal my family. I am truly grateful for Your provision.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Such great nurses!

I woke up with the bug this morning. I kept tossing last night, very uncomfortable and mentally talking myself out of getting it. I even stayed in bed, though I HAD to pee, thinking that as long as I don't stand up I won't get I the only one who does this? Mike had to work early and Julianna had play practice at 10 AM, which my sister-in-law, Mary rearranged her whole day to accommodate this...she is an angel!

But, anyway, my girls were so thoughtful! They didn't mind eating Valentine candy for breakfast. They would all walk in my room and rub my hair out of my face and say 'I'm sorry you feel so rotten, Mommy" or "Do you need anything?", and "Do you need the throw up bucket closer to your head?". Then, Mike came home and brought Gatorade and popsicles to rehydrate.

I have a great family!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Valentine's Mission for My Husband...

Well, this year I am offering the most UN-romantic gift. It's not new boxers or a box of chocolates, I haven't gotten a sitter to go to a romantic restrauraunt, no reservations at a b&b....I am going to spend the next 36 hours cleaning our home (minus the time I will need to eat, sleep, cook and chauffer my children around town). Our home has become, umm, how should I put this....hmmm, quite unbearably disasterous! I would post pictures, but I fear DFACS might be spying and come take my children away. I'll describe it as accurately as I can...Go in the bathroom and dump 3 days worth of dirty laundry on the floor and add a few damp towels and toilet paper that got too damp to use (but, you have to weave the TP through the pile of laundry)and squirt a whole tube of sparkly barbie toothpaste on the wall and sink, then go in the girls bedrooms and take every tote, every basket and shelf of toys, books, laundry and 'treasure' and just give it a good scattering, don't leave anything in its place, last the kitchen I just can't go there (this is where clorox will come in handy...there is a strange odor that is coming from the has made me must be overcome) It is really that bad...I am not quite sure how I let this happen or why the Housefairies haven't come to give me a good talking to, but I did, so now I must clean it up and find our home sanctuary again. I am going to run and get some Clorox-I'm out and every surface will need a good dose of it's germ fighting power.

My husband is not a clean-freak, in fact he is a disheveled mess--but, it is starting to bother him, more than me...I'll blame this on the pregnancy. Normally, I can't stand clutter, my kitchen is always clean, and things can be picked up in half-an-hour. So, wish me luck! I hope that my efforts will be blessed and multiply and it really honors him. Maybe he'll rest a little more peaceful in a clean and fresh home (one he won't have to worry about tripping over a shoe on the way to the bathroom at 3AM).

All things considered, maybe this is the most romantic Valentine's gift I could give...

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I was tagged by Amie. And I tag anyone who leaves me a comment...that just about covers it.

7 things not many people know about me...

1) I love pickles!!! Claussen pickles to be exact. My grocery store is less than a mile away and I can't get the jar home. full. ever. I also, have the same problem with home grown peaches...i will drive 50 miles to buy them from a little, old farmer and eat them all the way home.

2) I am a habitual streaker, in my home. I can't get dressed without a trip to the laundry room for various articles of clothing that usually go under your clothing and I never realize this until I have shed the current clothing I had on. and, my back windows are bigger than a giant-screen tv at a sport bar on superbowl curtains, lots of neighbors...yea, thats enough on that one...except, that I have never been caught...well I hope.

3) I am a hippy at heart. I am a feeling based person. I could raise my kids barefoot, on a farm and juice carrots and eat swish chard and be very happy at that.

4) I love to drink diet coke out of the bottle from the fridge in the middle of the night....I also do this with salsa (but, I do use a spoon for it). It HAS to be cold diet coke. Too bad I rarely buy the stuff.

5) I am a bit eccentric. I am constantly wanting to change the colors in my home and rearranging furniture. I am also a slob lately.

6) I like being alone, but am often lonely.

7) I wish I had been a pioneer woman. I think our culture is lazy and has little or no work ethic...we (my generation) wants to be spoon fed from a silver platter...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Today at Preschool...

Molly: Mom, we got to go in the church today!
Me: You did?
Molly: Yeah, and Pastor Jeff let us sit on the benches and he talked to us.
Me: What did he talk to you about?
Molly: Um, I don't really remember. Besides, you don't need to know. (said very matter-of-fact)

I guess what happens at preschool, stays at preschool.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Feel Like I am Drowning

I don't know what the deal is! I have had a very hectic, but excitingly blessed week--then, I had the gall to wake up today. I was tired, cranky, and my home was a disaster! I do not function well when this is the case, which seems to me more than less these days. (Just imagine the city trash collectors backing up to your front door to unload the days findings...that would be my home.) What's worse, I didn't care enough today to fix it.
My next dilemma comes from my two youngest girls. One is in a stage where she is only going to do what she wants, when she wants...don't give this to a cranky, pregnant mom. The other, thinks that she needs to know every minute detail of everyones' drama, joy, chaos, and the likes...and, nothing is fair! So I have one brat and one mellodramatic tally-keeper.
For example, the tally-keeper, who has never gotten her name on the board, always thinks of doing sweet things for others yet wants instant recognition...I should give her a horn to toot so all would know her perfectness...IT IS THIS BAD, I promise. She and my oldest both auditioned for our city's local childrens theather wing and the older got a call back to read for a big part. She didn't and it is not fair!!! (say this repeatedly in the whiniest most spiteful voice) When the cast list was posted, Emma didn't get a part and was totally cool about it....the other DID! Then, proceeded to complain about the part she got..UGHHH!!! Proceeding to whine about how it wasn't fair that she didn't get a big kid part. I wanted to sell her to the circus! She doesn't deserve the part! Emma did great! She was the youngest to get called back by like 3-5 years (she is in 2nd grade and the person who got the part was in 7th). She has auditioned for 3 plays in the last year and has the natural knack, my child who got the part, has only auditioned this once. She has major pride issues and they need to be gently, but swiftly broken...I am praying on it.
The other is about to be booted out of her birth-order of 4 1/2 years and made to assume the role of older sister. She loves the idea of a real doll coming to stay for a while, so she is just testing and seeking security, I think.
I think I would love for everything in my home to disappear, like all but one toy until they can be earned back...respectfully.
The bottom line is I am totally off kilter and having a hard time maintaining peace, order, and sanity...and I have not made it priority to reclaim any of these things. So, please pray for me! Pray that I have lots of energy and a cheerful spirit as I whip my family-life back into shape and seek to make strides to create peace, humility, order and security in my home.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


and he'll be here before we know it! Owen Michael is what we plan to call him! He is a mover and a shaker, and a very determined little guy! He looks great and I can't wait to see him and touch him and hear his little voice. I am soo blessed!

So now, we've got three chickadees and one butterbean! I need help with a new blog name:)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lots of dishes...

I spent the day cooking for the week...well dinners anyway. After a day in my kitchen I think I need one of these. I think it will make the clean up a little easier...Good night, I am off to scrub and find my counters:)

Free to a Caring Home...(but you'll have to pick them up)

I have these two lovely houseplants. That were given to me by a great friend...I hope she doesn't put two and two together...
Anyway, I have refused to feed or water them (except twice) in, well since July when they made themselves welcome in my dining room. I don't do indoor plants very well...I don't even know what these are called, but they should be called Famine Plants....
They have grown about a foot since I acquired them, they look like miniature palm trees, kindof...I keep hoping that they will kick the bucket but, oh no...they must not like new soil or H2O or plant food...
If you are interested, come get 'em!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I have a celeb. look-a-like...

Molly was playing on BARBIE dot com, earlier this morning and she runs frantically into the dining room, where I am reading and finishing my breakfast. Mom, come here quick! You have the same hair as...this.

Thanks, Molly.

Half-way There!!!

I am officially 20 weeks pregnant! Yay...I am feeling huge....well, I am huge...
I am so excited, I have a little soccer player or dancer who has an affinity for my bladder these days....Sometimes I feel like I am a pin-ball game, with all the bouncing and poking. I love that life is happening inside me.
I am half-way there!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sorry, Dear, MLK, jr Day is Not That Kind-of Holiday...

Julianna to me: Hey, Mom....where are all of our treats? You know our presents...
Me: Why was I supposed to get you presents?
J: Uh! It is a HOLIDAY! And on holidays you are supposed to celebrate and feast!
Me: Sweetheart, I don't not buy presents in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.s birthday...We honor him by praying for peace and loving people no matter how they look.
J: it is not like Christmas or Valentine's Day?
Me: Nope, sorry.
J: Well can we make dessert for tonight, to celebrate not going to school?
Me: Sure!

Peace and Dailiness...

I have had a yearning in my heart as a mom and wife to live simply and create order and peace....I fail miserably! This is not a sob session, just my heart recorded so that (hopefully) if, I mean, when I have conquered this battle with my flesh, I will have hard copy proof that I did it!

We are a growing family. We are full of love for each other. We all are content in simple living, small things, little things that just remind us that we are loved.

Example: Julianna last week told me that she was the luckiest girl. I asked her why she thought that. Julianna: Mom, who on earth would let the babysitter for her kids, take them out WAAAAYYYYYY past bedtime to play in the snow, in our jammies? And then call back to tell her to make sure they get cinnamon toast and hot chocolate before bed? And you were stuck packing your friends house and there was no snow left for you to play in.

Emma before school, thanked me for making her lunch and braiding her hair. Then, commented on how some little girls didn't have a mom on earth. I almost cried.

I have never afforded the opportunity to take my girls to Disney World. We have only been on one real vacation since our honeymoon over 9 years ago. They have only seen the ocean once. Some families take cruises or spend weeks in their time-shares. What an awesome blessing, I could get jealous...I choose not to, though. I could pass discontentedness on to my girls...look at them, they get to go here for a week, we can't....I try and say things like isn't it awesome how God is blessing them, He blessed us too, we get to....have popsicles and go to the pool! He is sooo good to us.

I am really blessed in the quiet moments at home, creating with my girls, imagining, learning, fixing their hair, going to the zoo, or Fort Discovery....

I have days that are overwhelmingly busy and full of good things...service, time spent with people I love, cooking, cleaning, running errands, carpool, etc...

My goal is to have days that are well thought out. So each thing I do is deliberate and I have the opportunity to invest myself in doing it...and doing it well. My kids are content and well fed and not feeling like I am putting them for 'just one more minute, please.' I have noticed that these things are not the rule in my my sanctuary. God has given me tremendous gifts. A loving husband, who puts our needs first. Beautiful kids, who are not wrapped up in attaining the latest greatest things, they honor people and show concern for people less fortunate than us. They are doers...I get lots of Mom, can we take cookies to the old people? Can we make a picture for our neighbors? Do you think I could give some of my toys to sick kids?...
They aren't will witness whining, and complaining...they are humans...but, they are great kids!

My days now are hurry, get up, eat, brush your teeth, where is your coat?, did you brush your teeth, yet? Why haven't you eaten your are going to make everyone late! I can't find your folder, where did you put it?

If I fold this load now and reload, then maybe when I am home from 1:15 to 1:40 I can get it folded and unload the dishwasher....maybe give the bathroom a quick scrub...
Dinner?!, am I responsible for feeding everyone today, too? Oh, no! Emma forgot her PE clothes, do I have time to run them up?

I loathe this part of my life....I have been reading Mitten Strings for God by Katrina Kenison. It so lovingly captures the kind of home and family life I want. I have adopted a few of the ideas as my New Years Resolutions...I strive to attain them...I think I should have been born Amish. (Not that I have the same set of beliefs) I tend to want to run from my duties instead of embracing them and the peace that Dailiness provides...

So, my prayer is that I could embrace dailiness and love the peace and comfort that it affords us. And, I want God to lead me to say no and to be aware of the choices I make and the impact that they will have in my home and the legacy I am spending my life kids!

God bless~

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


My daughter, Emma is home today. She is not throwing up relentlessly, not an ear-ache, no high fever and body aches. It appears that she has pink eye. I have been so blessed this school year with having very healthy kids. Last year, this was not the case. I personally had never experienced any illness like this.
So, I am grateful! I will take itchy eyes over barfing, fevers and ear drum ruptures!
Now we are off to the pediatricians office:)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

We've Been Given a New Year... grow, to be called to change, to experience new things and to recognize our blessings--I have been led to reevaluate how I steward our blessings.

Happy New Years to everyone!

We do have a few goals to attain this year.

  1. We want to slow down and live more simply enjoying what we have.
  2. No T.V., in our home, unless we have planned movie nights very sparingly. We got rid of cable back in July, but our girls have become DVD addicts...I hated it, so we're doing something about it. (Mike did watch the Fiesta Bowl). Oddly enough, our T.V. is in our room--but our kids have to have permission to go in there so it is out of sight and out of mind.
  3. Instead of collapsing in front of the idiot box each evening, I have now pledged that I will read...I love to read, but just couldn't find the time to do now, I have from 8 PM-10PM to do as I wish...that's 350 pages every two evenings or so...I am a fast reader. Anyone have any good reading suggestions?
  4. I want to finish eliminating half of the stuff in every room in our home. Sounds challenging but you'd be surprised. I have done our bedroom and the living and dining room.
  5. Emma is 7, Julianna is 6 and Molly is 4 I have discovered that my girls are capable of way more than I have previously allowed...I have tried to follow FlyLady's advice for about 5 years now and it works!--But not as effectively if you can't get the whole crew on board. So I have established simple routines for my girls and each afternoon after changing out of school uniforms, snacks and homework, all of us do 15 minutes of choring. They can dust base boards way better than I can- they are closer and don't have a cantaloupe size baby in their bellys'. We buy Method cleaners, so I have no fear letting little Molly spray the bathroom sink and wash it out with a cloth...Things are much more neat and way more manageable around here :).
  6. We have household projects that we have to accomplish! First, our kitchen floor is sub flooring:(, the original tile job wasn't laid properly so the day we moved in nearly all of our tiles cracked and popped up...I went to the liquor store, bought the airplane size bottles and made myself a martini sat in the floor and cried. With a new baby on the way and this time next year have him/her has to be fixed! I think we are going to lay hardwood. We have to finish painting trim everywhere and I am changing my living room, dining room, kitchen and sun room colors. I want to tone down my colors a little--I love them, I just like change...this is an inexpensive way to get it.
  7. I gave all but a few special baby things away (even my crib and changing table), so I need to start acquiring baby gear. (We weren't done, someone needed them and we knew that when we had the need that God would supply everything...two days after we found out, a friend from church had a neighbor who wanted desperately to get rid of a crib...we got it, for free... it is far nicer than our Jenny Lind crib that we gave is convertible all the way to a full size bed.)
  8. The hardest one...I would like to work on NOT responding to my kids and their childish behavior with haste. I want to strive to loosen up a bit and let them be...I am a perfectionist and have very little patience...I like the Grinch, can find myself in situations where my heart is two-sizes too small. I pray to be like-minded with my Maker when dealing, teaching, loving, disciplining, wasting time with, feeding, cleaning up after, cooking for and living with my precious souls. After all, I am called to lead them to Jesus, it is in large part my responsibility to see them get there. I KNOW I can't make such decisions for them, but I was called to be a mother to steward my children back to the Father's arms--many times I fall short of offering them the throne room, instead, encapsulating them in bondage of fierce dungeons...With God's help I can be changed and renewed. I carry alot of it from my childhood, how I was dealt with and being forced to act as an adult when I was in 3rd grade. God is healing me of my past and has accepted me lovingly and I want to break the chain and allow the Holy Spirit to dictate and have control over me, not harsh words or ugly memories...Pray for me if you feel led.

It should be an exciting year for us!