Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Baby Girl has Just Turned 8!!!

It's a Nancy Drew Mystery Party

I think this may have been the one of the most clever things I've thought up in quite awhile! Emma turned 8 yesterday and she wanted a Nancy Drew Party. I couldn't find that in character party-ware, not wanting my girl dissappointed on her big day...I strapped on my thinking cap and went to work. This my friends is what a sleep deprived, crazy (about my kids) mom of four can come up with...I will work on my humility tomorrow...

The invitation was the first clue with the time and place....clue for what, you ask...The mystery was to find Emma's birthday cake and ice cream. It lead us to our Papa Gary and Nana Sara through the 'woods' across the street, through the backyards...Papa Gary wasn't to blame but we got our disguise glasses and a new clue that lead us to one of the party-participants house up the block, this time her little brothers were the guilty culprits. Then to the girls first grade teachers house, she loves sweets but she didn't steal Emma's cake. There were more clues and other stops. We were successful in breaking the case, Molly Grace was guilty as charged, she only took the cake to decorate it and to honor Emma on her day! It was hidden in the microwave and was waiting for us when we got home. Boy was I exhausted and boy all those girls were soooo NOT! It was so much fun and will not soon be forgotten.

To complete our party experience, we made headbands (Nancy Drew always wore headbands), watched the movie and ate pizza and ice cream. Everyone had a blast or so it seemed. Emma had no idea about all the clues, so this was really a big undertaking. I had so much fun, I am seriously considering copyrighting my idea and selling it to other moms. Like I said, I will work on humility tomorrow and/or read this when I am having one of those "I-am-good-for-nothin" days.

Special thanks to my great and wonderful friend Amy, she really saved the day! I had just under two hours left and no cake made and she pilfered through her pantry and gave us a cake mix and really would've been a mystery, had she not offered. And all our special friends who we consider close family for helping me pull this off. Especially for Nana Sara who partied with the best of us and stayed around til the bitter end, you are a wonderful grandmother to my kids! In the words of my kids "YOU ROCK!!!" or as one might say "YOU WOCK!!!"

I love you, Emma and I so appreciate that you keep me on my toes and force blood flow to my brain! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to have fun! I couldn't be more blessed than to have been given you as our first-born! You're stylish and witty, plus,your beautiful and crafty...we need to work on those manners some more. You are just and pure! You want everyone to be treated kindly and you set the bar high with your example. You were so brave even though it was soo hard for you while mommy was in the hospital for those five long weeks. You are a fighter--you are a warrior for life and giving that chance to the helpless. You are so snuggly and cuddly. You are the best, most wonderful 8 year old I know. Your my princess, part of my legacy and if I were gone tomorrow, know that I would be so proud of who you are and what you stand for! You have amazing gifts and I know that you have every intention in using them for the glory of God. I love you, Emmabug....



Amy Parris said...

If you would have given me more advanced notice, I would have made the cake for you.

You did an awesome job. It was so creative and Mackenzie had a blast. So did the boys. Thanks for letting us participate.

Emily said...

I'll have to read this awesome post tomorrow (it's late) but wanted to say that I replied to you on my blog again.

Super cute baby boy!!! he's lookin chubby! :)


Carolyn Plain and Tall said...

** tears** so sweet you made me cry.

My name is Dianna said...

thanks amy! sometimes without realizing it, i bite off way more than i can chew. it all worked out and things that i thought really fell through the cracks, no one noticed.
thanks emily and carolyn for the comments!

Anonymous said...

You have reason to brag! The creativity was incredible. What a WONDERFUL memory, Michaela and the other girls will NEVER forget it. All b/c of you being a loving mama!!!