Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sick of Being Sick!

Today marks day number 6 in my fight to beat the flu, severe bronchitis, double ear-infection, and a nasty sinus infection. As if the flu weren't enough--Thanks a bunch Castleman's Disease! Now, my little Molly has a constant fever (day #2 for her).

It all started Tuesday morning, I woke up and felt fine, except for the feeling of having a large brick in my chest. I went about my normal routine and was ever-so busy getting Valentine's stuff together and finishing the final touches on planning a big party and a little party for the following day. I was totally out of steam by about 6 and started to get the aches and chills. Repeat Tuesday on Wednesday, except by the time I got home from the big party at 5:45 PM, I had a fever of 103.8 and did what had to be done to get the girls all squared away. I hate this, I always feel like a dead-beat when the girls aren't properly sent off to bed (bath, cuddles and stories, prayers and bed), I think they may have slept in some form of their dirty clothes.

Thursday was when it really hit me! I could not even get out of bed. Emma had to bring me the phone and the debate was between 911 and the neighbors. I WAS WORKING AND THINKING ABOUT HOW TO BREATHE! It was so scary. My across the street saint came and got the girls and all their stuff and got them off to school. Thanks, Becca! Temp was 104.9 an hour after 800mg of Motrin and 2 extra strength Tylenol. My chest hurt so bad I was praying for new lungs. I stayed in bed all day and prayed for everyone I knew who was sick, pregnant, in the ministry, feeling isolated, those in third world countries who have no running water, mothers without babies, babies without mothers, and so on...

Mike did come home and watched me breathe and supplied me with plenty of Gatorade and water bottles. He spent a lot of time watching me breathe.

Friday, believe it or not, I felt okay and got Emma out the door, in her red, white and gold and managed to get the other two dressed and fed (it was Cheetos and juice boxes) and I went to lie down for about an hour and my fever shot up again. I called my Dr. and he told me to get in as quick as I could.

After he listened to me breathe, I was sent over to the ER.

I did not have the feared pneumonia. But it was really bad--double ear infection, severe bronchitis, sinus infection and the flu.

Today, I am actually sitting upright and typing this (though, I know it is poorly written, I want a record in case I ever lack humility). My fever is only 99.8 without med to reduce it. My ear drum did rupture, so I am not vomiting anymore b/c my equilibrium was so off. So that is some relief. After using an Albuterol inhaler every 20 mins for about 5 hours I regained the ability to take a deep breath. Codeine cough syrup helped to evacuate all the nasty stuff in my chest.

Thank you, Jesus for the road to recovery. I am humble, and Lord, I can go the rest of my entire life and do okay not to be this sick again, please and thank you!

Lord bless and keep my friends and family safe and free from disease and infection. I pray that You would surround their homes, cars, offices, classes, and places where they visit with a super turbo-charge anti-microbial hedge! Amen!


Dottie said...

Missed you at church. Hope you are feeling a little better!

lringel said...

I was so tempted to buy a breathing mask coming in your house... I'm looking for those cinnamon rolls. Dude you could start a freaking business with those things. Sell them like HOTCAKES!!!
Love ya mean it.

My name is Dianna said...

they made me wear a face mask in the hospital! Lulu, I'll try and make them today.

EEEEMommy said...

I'm visiting via the blog party, but you obviously don't feel up to partying! I pray you're feeling better soon!

Kristen said...

I hope you feel better soon. We have had constant sickness around our house as well.

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Hope you are getting better!

Just stopping by from the party.