Monday, January 21, 2008

Peace and Dailiness...

I have had a yearning in my heart as a mom and wife to live simply and create order and peace....I fail miserably! This is not a sob session, just my heart recorded so that (hopefully) if, I mean, when I have conquered this battle with my flesh, I will have hard copy proof that I did it!

We are a growing family. We are full of love for each other. We all are content in simple living, small things, little things that just remind us that we are loved.

Example: Julianna last week told me that she was the luckiest girl. I asked her why she thought that. Julianna: Mom, who on earth would let the babysitter for her kids, take them out WAAAAYYYYYY past bedtime to play in the snow, in our jammies? And then call back to tell her to make sure they get cinnamon toast and hot chocolate before bed? And you were stuck packing your friends house and there was no snow left for you to play in.

Emma before school, thanked me for making her lunch and braiding her hair. Then, commented on how some little girls didn't have a mom on earth. I almost cried.

I have never afforded the opportunity to take my girls to Disney World. We have only been on one real vacation since our honeymoon over 9 years ago. They have only seen the ocean once. Some families take cruises or spend weeks in their time-shares. What an awesome blessing, I could get jealous...I choose not to, though. I could pass discontentedness on to my girls...look at them, they get to go here for a week, we can't....I try and say things like isn't it awesome how God is blessing them, He blessed us too, we get to....have popsicles and go to the pool! He is sooo good to us.

I am really blessed in the quiet moments at home, creating with my girls, imagining, learning, fixing their hair, going to the zoo, or Fort Discovery....

I have days that are overwhelmingly busy and full of good things...service, time spent with people I love, cooking, cleaning, running errands, carpool, etc...

My goal is to have days that are well thought out. So each thing I do is deliberate and I have the opportunity to invest myself in doing it...and doing it well. My kids are content and well fed and not feeling like I am putting them for 'just one more minute, please.' I have noticed that these things are not the rule in my my sanctuary. God has given me tremendous gifts. A loving husband, who puts our needs first. Beautiful kids, who are not wrapped up in attaining the latest greatest things, they honor people and show concern for people less fortunate than us. They are doers...I get lots of Mom, can we take cookies to the old people? Can we make a picture for our neighbors? Do you think I could give some of my toys to sick kids?...
They aren't will witness whining, and complaining...they are humans...but, they are great kids!

My days now are hurry, get up, eat, brush your teeth, where is your coat?, did you brush your teeth, yet? Why haven't you eaten your are going to make everyone late! I can't find your folder, where did you put it?

If I fold this load now and reload, then maybe when I am home from 1:15 to 1:40 I can get it folded and unload the dishwasher....maybe give the bathroom a quick scrub...
Dinner?!, am I responsible for feeding everyone today, too? Oh, no! Emma forgot her PE clothes, do I have time to run them up?

I loathe this part of my life....I have been reading Mitten Strings for God by Katrina Kenison. It so lovingly captures the kind of home and family life I want. I have adopted a few of the ideas as my New Years Resolutions...I strive to attain them...I think I should have been born Amish. (Not that I have the same set of beliefs) I tend to want to run from my duties instead of embracing them and the peace that Dailiness provides...

So, my prayer is that I could embrace dailiness and love the peace and comfort that it affords us. And, I want God to lead me to say no and to be aware of the choices I make and the impact that they will have in my home and the legacy I am spending my life kids!

God bless~


Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Wow. Now THAT is an awesome post. Well written, lots of thought, and your heart poured out. Loved it.

I think as moms we all strive for the same love and time with our children but sometimes do get caught up in trying to run from the dailiness. If only we could just embrace it and be intentional about our days... I'm working on that, too.

Again, wonderful post. Loved reading it. So glad you linked up to my Slow and Simple Fridays! I hope you are enjoying the book!

Hugs to all,

My name is Dianna said...

Thank you, Becky! It was truly a great gift and I love reading it...I keep reading and re-reading...I can't get enough.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

That is such a great post! I am reading the book too and can't get enough. I want to BE in the moment, intentional and deliberate!

Well said!