Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Perfect Slice of Heaven!

Owen Michael Lindsey,
baby rooster among all the chicks
Isn't he perfect? This is what I have been spending, oh, say 20 hours a day kissing, holding, nursing, snuggling, and lots of time in tears of gratitude that I could experience this precious, who says I deserve such a blessing?
While I was in the hospital, I devoted myself to earnestly praying for several women in my neighborhood who desperately want a baby and any of them would sign up for the same risky road with faith that their prize would be the same, and I assumed that I was immune to such hardship...doing what I had to do for those 5 weeks and now through my recovery has been nothing compared to the overwhelming joy I experience daily. My God spoils me and loves me so much!
Lord, please give them their hearts desire. I plead your perfection over their bodies and beg you to hear their cries. Amen.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Miracles DO Happen!!! And God is SO Faithful!!!

Hello friends! I would like to tell you that God is so awesome! Owen Michael Lindsey was born on May 8, 2008, at 10:31 AM, 4 pounds 12 1/2 ounces, 17 1/2 inches long and every bit as perfect as a slice of Heaven on Earth.

The miracle takes place in that my son's amniocentesis came back immature, meaning that life support would be breathing for him until he grew into his lungs. He was born 5 weeks early to a very sick, preeclamptic mommy. God gave me such a peace the night before the C-section. He kept whispering His promises in my ear...I have plans to prosper you (and Owen)...I have knit him together in your womb and I will breath life into his lungs the moment I choose...I will have Glory in this situation!...You will know my promises are real and that my love is never-ceasing for you and the life I have allowed you to co-create with me...This will be a testament to draw people close to my heart.

Thank you for praying! I have had confirmation that tens of thousands of people all over the world have been petitioning God on our behalf...Owen Michael is such a gift and a blessing. He is perfect. He was soo worth all the heart-ache and sacrifice. Our lives would have been incomplete without him. He is home with us after only 5 days in the NICU. He DID NOT need any help breathing, The Lord took care of everything. He just needed a little help learning how to nurse, stay comfy-cozy warm, and to keep his blood sugar up. Everything kicked in very quickly, within 48 hours he was off of IV meds, dextrose and was eating like a champ.

I am so blessed and can't wait to show him off and tell people what the Lord has done for us!

Friday, May 2, 2008

An update

I have had Urine studies several days this week and I am quickly heading toward toxemia/preeclampsia, the number are consistently climbing and rapidly.
I have an amnio scheduled this Monday AM and have OR/ Delivery time schedule for Thursday the 8th at 9:15. Please pray that his lungs are clear and developed, and that he can be an aggressive nurser. I am most anxious about my baby boy having cords and tubes protruding from every surface of his body. Please pray that I would have peace, I am a very anxious person, and tend to play the 'what if' game, which is useless to everyone.