Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lord, Bring Your Healing.....

Last night, after a full afternoon of homework, play, laundry and cooking--good, just busy. The day ended with tears and a very sleepLESS night. Everyone has been kind-of puny because of this respiratory virus that has been going around...then, at around 9:15 Emma came in crying and complaining that her ear hurt. She couldn't get comfy. Nothing helped. She was wide awake, crying and moaning ALL night. Like, no sleeping. It is almost supper time and she is still awake. No sleep in about 36 hours!
Needless to say, I took her in this morning and the other two have been just as snotty so I figured it wouldn't hurt to have the doctor give them a once over while we were on that side of town and catch anything that may be in the making. Sure enough Emma has a double ear infection and one ear is bulging with bloody pus behind it, plus, all three have raw sinuses and throats. We are not on a ten day round, but 14 days of Augmentin ES. Thank God it was bacterial and we are in a place where we can get medicine and help at a moments notice. Lord, heal my family. I am truly grateful for Your provision.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Such great nurses!

I woke up with the bug this morning. I kept tossing last night, very uncomfortable and mentally talking myself out of getting it. I even stayed in bed, though I HAD to pee, thinking that as long as I don't stand up I won't get I the only one who does this? Mike had to work early and Julianna had play practice at 10 AM, which my sister-in-law, Mary rearranged her whole day to accommodate this...she is an angel!

But, anyway, my girls were so thoughtful! They didn't mind eating Valentine candy for breakfast. They would all walk in my room and rub my hair out of my face and say 'I'm sorry you feel so rotten, Mommy" or "Do you need anything?", and "Do you need the throw up bucket closer to your head?". Then, Mike came home and brought Gatorade and popsicles to rehydrate.

I have a great family!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Valentine's Mission for My Husband...

Well, this year I am offering the most UN-romantic gift. It's not new boxers or a box of chocolates, I haven't gotten a sitter to go to a romantic restrauraunt, no reservations at a b&b....I am going to spend the next 36 hours cleaning our home (minus the time I will need to eat, sleep, cook and chauffer my children around town). Our home has become, umm, how should I put this....hmmm, quite unbearably disasterous! I would post pictures, but I fear DFACS might be spying and come take my children away. I'll describe it as accurately as I can...Go in the bathroom and dump 3 days worth of dirty laundry on the floor and add a few damp towels and toilet paper that got too damp to use (but, you have to weave the TP through the pile of laundry)and squirt a whole tube of sparkly barbie toothpaste on the wall and sink, then go in the girls bedrooms and take every tote, every basket and shelf of toys, books, laundry and 'treasure' and just give it a good scattering, don't leave anything in its place, last the kitchen I just can't go there (this is where clorox will come in handy...there is a strange odor that is coming from the has made me must be overcome) It is really that bad...I am not quite sure how I let this happen or why the Housefairies haven't come to give me a good talking to, but I did, so now I must clean it up and find our home sanctuary again. I am going to run and get some Clorox-I'm out and every surface will need a good dose of it's germ fighting power.

My husband is not a clean-freak, in fact he is a disheveled mess--but, it is starting to bother him, more than me...I'll blame this on the pregnancy. Normally, I can't stand clutter, my kitchen is always clean, and things can be picked up in half-an-hour. So, wish me luck! I hope that my efforts will be blessed and multiply and it really honors him. Maybe he'll rest a little more peaceful in a clean and fresh home (one he won't have to worry about tripping over a shoe on the way to the bathroom at 3AM).

All things considered, maybe this is the most romantic Valentine's gift I could give...

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I was tagged by Amie. And I tag anyone who leaves me a comment...that just about covers it.

7 things not many people know about me...

1) I love pickles!!! Claussen pickles to be exact. My grocery store is less than a mile away and I can't get the jar home. full. ever. I also, have the same problem with home grown peaches...i will drive 50 miles to buy them from a little, old farmer and eat them all the way home.

2) I am a habitual streaker, in my home. I can't get dressed without a trip to the laundry room for various articles of clothing that usually go under your clothing and I never realize this until I have shed the current clothing I had on. and, my back windows are bigger than a giant-screen tv at a sport bar on superbowl curtains, lots of neighbors...yea, thats enough on that one...except, that I have never been caught...well I hope.

3) I am a hippy at heart. I am a feeling based person. I could raise my kids barefoot, on a farm and juice carrots and eat swish chard and be very happy at that.

4) I love to drink diet coke out of the bottle from the fridge in the middle of the night....I also do this with salsa (but, I do use a spoon for it). It HAS to be cold diet coke. Too bad I rarely buy the stuff.

5) I am a bit eccentric. I am constantly wanting to change the colors in my home and rearranging furniture. I am also a slob lately.

6) I like being alone, but am often lonely.

7) I wish I had been a pioneer woman. I think our culture is lazy and has little or no work ethic...we (my generation) wants to be spoon fed from a silver platter...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Today at Preschool...

Molly: Mom, we got to go in the church today!
Me: You did?
Molly: Yeah, and Pastor Jeff let us sit on the benches and he talked to us.
Me: What did he talk to you about?
Molly: Um, I don't really remember. Besides, you don't need to know. (said very matter-of-fact)

I guess what happens at preschool, stays at preschool.