Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Feel Like I am Drowning

I don't know what the deal is! I have had a very hectic, but excitingly blessed week--then, I had the gall to wake up today. I was tired, cranky, and my home was a disaster! I do not function well when this is the case, which seems to me more than less these days. (Just imagine the city trash collectors backing up to your front door to unload the days findings...that would be my home.) What's worse, I didn't care enough today to fix it.
My next dilemma comes from my two youngest girls. One is in a stage where she is only going to do what she wants, when she wants...don't give this to a cranky, pregnant mom. The other, thinks that she needs to know every minute detail of everyones' drama, joy, chaos, and the likes...and, nothing is fair! So I have one brat and one mellodramatic tally-keeper.
For example, the tally-keeper, who has never gotten her name on the board, always thinks of doing sweet things for others yet wants instant recognition...I should give her a horn to toot so all would know her perfectness...IT IS THIS BAD, I promise. She and my oldest both auditioned for our city's local childrens theather wing and the older got a call back to read for a big part. She didn't and it is not fair!!! (say this repeatedly in the whiniest most spiteful voice) When the cast list was posted, Emma didn't get a part and was totally cool about it....the other DID! Then, proceeded to complain about the part she got..UGHHH!!! Proceeding to whine about how it wasn't fair that she didn't get a big kid part. I wanted to sell her to the circus! She doesn't deserve the part! Emma did great! She was the youngest to get called back by like 3-5 years (she is in 2nd grade and the person who got the part was in 7th). She has auditioned for 3 plays in the last year and has the natural knack, my child who got the part, has only auditioned this once. She has major pride issues and they need to be gently, but swiftly broken...I am praying on it.
The other is about to be booted out of her birth-order of 4 1/2 years and made to assume the role of older sister. She loves the idea of a real doll coming to stay for a while, so she is just testing and seeking security, I think.
I think I would love for everything in my home to disappear, like all but one toy until they can be earned back...respectfully.
The bottom line is I am totally off kilter and having a hard time maintaining peace, order, and sanity...and I have not made it priority to reclaim any of these things. So, please pray for me! Pray that I have lots of energy and a cheerful spirit as I whip my family-life back into shape and seek to make strides to create peace, humility, order and security in my home.


Mary@notbefore7 said...

First, congrats on the little boy! How exciting! (read that below)

Second, we have all been there with the girl drama and the tough days! But our God is good and He will carry you through even on these days.

Try to let go of the things that you can so that your heart can focus on the girls and you can also have some rest.

You'll be in my thoughts! and remember...His mercies are new EVERY morning, so today is a fresh start!

Amie said...

Is your whiny one the 5/6 yo? I am SO having that with Kyle, wow-ee! It is grating on the nerves forsure. I am constantly saying "can you talk to me in another voice?" No advice just an "I feel ya".

Amie said...

oh btw, I tagged you for a meme on my blog :)