Friday, April 20, 2007

Why don't we respond with such haste when babies are flushed?....

I have been glued all week to any source of media willing to give more information on the Virginia Tech Massacre. I have cried tears of sorrow, disbelief and relief--then back to sorrow. My cousin Capers Thompson is a grad student at VT in the engineering dept., I emailed him and got a response--I was so relieved! He said that he was in his basement office in the building next door to hall where the most lives were taken. He didn't hear any of the shots and none of his friends names were on the list of those murdered; although, as he was ushered out of his building he did witness some of the victims being brought out. I am a burden bearer, I cannot help not ingesting the tragedy and mourning with the parents, siblings, friends, teachers, community and country.
Today, as I was thinking about murder, it struck me that we don't band together and grow weary at the number of abortions that are taking place in our neighborhoods, cities, states, and country. We are talking about thousands. I am ashamed of myself! I do grieve and am not trying to make light of what happened in Virginia--I just think that if we all mourned the way we did at the hundreds or thousand of men and women who take life from babies, maybe, just maybe it would stop!

God comfort the families of the victims and if the victims weren't in a state of grace, God have mercy on their souls and draw them to Your side.

God have mercy on Cho Seung-Hui, he was plagued by many demons.

God have mercy on the abortionist, that so quickly take innocent lives.

God have mercy on me, help me to mourn the loss of the millions of children who are stripped of their right to life. Help me to have compassion and mercy on others. God help me and give me the grace to raise my girls to hold sacred the gift of LIFE--both physically and spiritually.

God have mercy and help us to forgive, but to never forget that there will be countless smiles that will never be seen, that the ability to witness all aborted children as they are held, kissed and nurtured for the first time will never exist because they are murdered and flushed away, and saving their first lock of hair or their first tooth will never come to pass.

Help me to show Your mercy and to demonstrate your love and to make life and restoration in You my earthly goal.

In honor of ALL the lives that were taken prematurely on that chilly, gray morning,April 16, 2007.