Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas....New Years.....It's All a Blur

This fall and Christmas season has flown by I haven't blogged much since school started so I'm going to make one of my infamous lists with events, emotions, milestones and accomplishments....And, if I don't find myself too busy or lazy, I am going to try to post a montage of pictures....I have 3 memory cards that are full that have yet to be downloaded from all Lindsey moments beginning last April, maybe March....I am really bad at that, our computer is slower than the postal I don't make time to fool with that.....
I am rambling, here is my list some relative order of occurrence but don't hold me to it....

  1. Co-leading a fun group of 3rd graders with my girlfriend , both of our oldest children are members of Little Sisters, think ultra conservative Brownie Scout's without the cookie sales.
  2. Chauffeur to Emma, Molly and sometimes Mike for rehearsal to this. Let me tell you they all rocked. Emma auditioned, Mike was needed b/c he is a great singer and can act and Molly got bribed into the show b/c she is little and cute...they all were great. We even got Uncle Pat sucked in.
  3. Because after that show was over, (like 2 days after 5 days of midnight rehearsals and morning school shows (2 a day W,TH, and 1 FR.) and evening shows and early mornings) CALL ME CRAZY...I auditioned for Into the Woods....I didn't get a part but anxiously await the phone call to be recruited for backstage was fun to audition.
  4. We participated in the girls school Christmas Festival fundraiser (baking for the bake sale, set up, running the hot dog stand and attending)
  5. We had a great Thanksgiving with most of my relatives from my moms side....I love them the best, but don't tell anyone....
  6. We, I mean Owen cut his first two teeth, one the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and one Thanksgiving Day.
  7. He is now sitting up and talking and laughing and rolling and SO MUCH FUN!!!! I am not sure how we could have managed without him in our lives...Thank you, Lord!
  8. I am still trying to find the floor in our home and catch up on that'll ever happen....
  9. MIKE PASSED HIS SUPER HARD CISCO CLASS!!!! We were really worried for a moment but God answered our prayers....He always listens to us and answers in His perfect time.
  10. I still have two packages to be shipped that I just can't seem to force myself to go to the post office to expedite....sorry baby Hope and little might get your baby gifts and Christmas treats before you graduate from college....they are quite nice and festive in their wrappings....What is my deal....
  11. I am determining to make choices and to set examples that I would want my children to inherit....I'd better tackle #10!
  12. We had an amazing Christmas! We had several financial crisis in the last year that set us back ( over $3,000 on car repairs in 3 months, med expenses for one of our girls and catch up from all the extra expenses that came up with mom not home to take care of things last spring) so we had decided to taper our gifting down significantly, but the Lord blessed us through the generosity of dear friends and our kids were blessed beyond what we would have done normally we do our best to put our focus on the Jesus' birthday and giving time energy talent to was as if Jesus had come to each of our girls and personally whispered how much he loved them....They are great kids and very grateful, I am very thankful that they are so content and happy. It was a hard year for them too....
  13. I am having a few health issues related to my Castleman's Disease. I was in remission as of June 18th, but have been extra fatigued and have three lymph nodes at the base of my skull/brain and nape of my neck that are pronounced and bulging and sore...I have also had some low grade fever unexplained and joint, prayers are needed for healing. It isn't too serious, just a nuisance. They can dissolve, so that is my prayer.
  14. I am planning and getting ready to take pictures for New Years/Epiphany Cards....I am determined to get this done, I never sent out birth announcements for Owen, I was wrapped up in healing for 4 months....which brings me to
  16. But I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder....just alot of anxiety and junk to deal with that was out of my control.

That is all I can think of right now.....but I will be back....I hope to blog more this year and I hope to get pictures up soon....

Just thought I would touch base....catch me on Facebook....I can catch up with people there in like 30 minutes a day...5 min. here 10 mins. get the profile id is Dianna Ringel Lindsey.