Monday, January 22, 2007

Convenience Should Never Be the Issue

I was given the best gift on Saturday. My husband, who is amazing, scored some free tickets to the Augusta Futurity and planned on taking the girls for the day. I was so excited--I was going to get shoo out all the excessive dust-bunnies without help.
First, we had a very quick visit to pay as a family. I had made arrangements to (per Julianna's demanding request) visit our friend Diane to pray for a miracle and to bring her some cookies. Julianna, who is gifted with compassion and the most beautiful faith, knew these two things would do the trick for our dying friend. Upon entering Diane's room, we experienced the peace of Jesus in the most real and profound way. Diane lay there weak listening to her sister-in-law reading about the woman at the well, Diane was content and peaceful soaking up the words. It was enough. I can't remember the last time I had that kind of contentment just to lay and soak up the Word of God. She was beautiful. We were left with her for a little while and we prayed over her and the girls got to love on her, it was truly beautiful. Mike and the girls made their way out after hugs and kisses and I offered to stay awhile longer. I just couldn't leave. Her earthly body was obviously in a state of failure, but her spirit was so strong and confident--I just wanted to soak it up. I had the pleasure of reading the bible to her for a while, she was too weak to speak much, but occasionally she would beam with joy, mutter "amen", "thank-you, Jesus",or squeeze my hand ever so slightly. My sister lay dying and yet she was infectious and contagious with the peace and joy of the Lord! She stirred and I asked her if she was in any pain and her response was "no, thank God!".What a testament to the Lord.
I was given the opportunity to tell her that I love her and that God loved her, as I said these words she just smiled. I was given a priceless gift. Our friend died last night at about 11:30. Thank-you, Jesus for giving me the chance to say good-bye. Dishes, laundry, and dust-bunnies can wait--Don't put off for tomorrow what can be done today.
I ask all who read this to pray ceaselessly for her daughter, Marki, she is in state of brokenness and feeling quite abandoned. Please pray that God's endless mercy would be revealed to her in a very tangible way. And if you seek deeper faith--pray to have a heart like Diane's.
I pray that everyone who reads this would be motivated as much as I am, to seek the Lord through his word, his works and would grow content in His Presence.
Thank-you, Jesus for my friend. Thank-you for giving her to us, she was a true gift and thank-you for taking care of Marki, I know that you are big enough to handle this--give us the faith to believe that You will reveal Your Glory in perfect time. Amen.
"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord"

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

And the Lightbulb Burns Bright(er)

This morning on the way to school...

Emma: Mom, I am soooo glad I am in First Grade and not in Kindergarten!

Me: Yeah, why is that Emma? You had fun last year.

Emma: In kindergarten, you think with your head down and in first grade you start thinking with your head up.

Me: Of course.

(Duh, mom--Why didn't I think of that?)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Tooth Fairy has the Flu

My five-year-old unexpectedly lost her tooth on Wednesday. We are still not quite sure what brought it all on, she went from having no wiggle to hanging by a thread overnight. (I wonder if she might have banged her chin/mouth at church Sunday, cause that is when she noticed that it was loose.) Anyway, it just fell out on Wednesday morning. Well, being the family skeptic, she wasn't sure about having the tooth fairy anywhere near her pillow- so she opted out that evening.
The next night it was on, after much debate, she decided that since Mike and I know the fairy very well- that it must be okay. (and besides there is money involved)
Well, the tooth fairy got very tired and forgot...oops! Friday morning rolled around, Julianna was up with the sun 5:45 screaming,"Mommy, the tooth fairy forgot, she didn't leave me anything!!!!!"
This was the first time I recall ever lying to my child on purpose. I said in a very sleepy yet compassionate voice,"Oh yeah, daddy said that the tooth fairy called him in the middle of the night and she was so very sorry but she had a fever and she couldn't make it out last night."
Julianna's response: "Poor, little thing, I hope her mama is fixin' her some soup. We should pray for her."
Guilt hit me! I lied to her to save my behind. But it worked. What is the lesser of the two evils-1) the tooth fairy forgot about you kid, or 2) the tooth fairy has the flu? I have decided that my very sensitive girl could grasp the latter and not feel left out, rejected or not worth-while. Tough call, but I am sticking to my story and hopefully she will feel protected in the end.
Lord, Help this to be a faith builder.
Another anecdote to liven the history of us.

A Miracle is Needed

A dear family friend, who has been battling cancer for a few years, has just been put in hospice care. I have been so very encouraged by her. She has claimed the Lords healing, I just pray that His healing wouldn't take her from us here on earth.
I battle with a rare lymphatic disease and complain often. She calls me, encourages me, sends me notes and she prays for me. She is dying and she faithfully prays for me. Who am I, to deserve such a friend? I have just realized, in this very moment, that I have little faith. My friend is dying, her days are numbered....and she lives like the Lord has a million more for her and He does, I am just praying that there might be many more here on earth. I am so selfish and ungrateful for the gift she is and will always be. In my ungratefulness, Lord give her a miracle here, I beg you.
In my own battle, I have allowed myself to live in fear of the number of days that I have left (a worthless thought). I choose now to let the Lord be in charge! I plan on living life here for God's glory! I will choose to let the Lord determine how many days I have and be grateful for those He puts in my path. How can He heal me when I am so resistant?
I will choose to give my husband and children the best I can muster. I will choose to smile more because I am so very loved by God--I have the most incredible family and friends. I choose to accept the grace that the Lord gives me. I will try to be joyful and not complain. I will steward the relationships I have to the best of my ability. I want people to see Jesus in me, no, I want them to feel Jesus when around me. These are the traits that I've experience in the presence of my friend, she is faithful and holy.
I am a daughter of the King! I know that He hears me and I know His comfort is at hand. I will etch this in my heart until my days on earth are no more. I want my girls to know this TRUTH as it is part of their being--my friend helped me realize this. I thank you Jesus for her and pray your blessing on her. Heal her, and heal me as you see fit. Show us Your glory in this.
Her life in a nutshell is summarized by this scripture, 'let everything that has breath praise the LORD!'.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Ahhh...Peace and Tranquility...NOT

It is Sunday afternoon, I am just processing the idea that everyone will be gone for 3 hours, that's 180 minutes! Mike is taking Emma on a date to see a movie, Julianna and Molly are on their way to play at their cousins and I, well, I am home all alone!!! What to do? I could clean some, nah. Read my book, maybe. Or watch a movie and be a bum for a couple hours. Some one pinch me, I must be dreaming!
I am all snuggled up, pillows just right, diet coke in arms reach and what do I hear...a waterfall? No, it must be the TV. But it is not stopping. I hop up to investigate. It isn't raining outside, not the bathroom. OH NO!!!! As I enter the hall, very warm water is oozing from the kitchen I step in just in time to witness spinach and carrots and celery and sweet potato skins and what is that, yuck- it is remnants of fish shooting from the sink drains and water is ceaselessly flowing from under the sink and dishwasher. But that is not the waterfall sound...NO not the laundry room, too. I am too afraid to look, but I have to. Where is my knight in shining armor when I need him? God, PLEASE STOP THIS NOW. I turn the corner and water is shooting up the back flow hooky-water-drains-from-the-washer-pipe thingy, yes, its carrots and celery and sweet potato skins and fish--up the wall behind the very full washer and all the cabinets. (Good thing I had a load of towels there to catch the bulk of the water.)
So, after all this, our plumber who was not answering his phone, Mike left his phone here and I am left to fix the problem. I rolled up my sleeves, turned the appropriate appliances off. Then, I undid the pipe under the sink and got rid of the clog there and sealed all the holes up, stood on top of the counter above the sink and I started plunging with all my Might and gurgle, gurgle, spat, gurgle... I DID IT!!! THE CLOG WAS FLUSHED THROUGH.
Now, (Monday late morning) I am still cleaning all the walls, floors, appliances, 11 gazillion pieces of Tupperware that were affected by the massive falls in my home--Who needs Niagara? I had more strength than I knew. I even did this task without saying anything unrighteous and without breaking a nail! I mentioned to my husband that I did save him a pretty heavy purse and maybe I should go shopping.

So much for a peaceful and relaxing afternoon, no lazy days here!

P.S. I think I would have made McGuyver (sp?) proud! though, as amazing my feat I did not use a stick of gum, paperclips or duct tape. Oh, well.
Happy Monday. Tomorrow will be even more great than today, I can feel it.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Everyone is back in school and preschool, it is now time for me to get on board! I am excited to get back in the groove, but wanting to want to start is sooooo hard.

So, I had a CAT scan yesterday, and am anxiously awaiting the results--I may have to go the weekend before I know how much they have grown. My chickadees are the best comfort and great prayer warriors.
So, aside from everything tasting like metal and cold beverages feeling boiling in my mouth (I know,it's weird), I am fine. The best thing yesterday was that the nurse found a vein without any tissue excavation--no bruises this time. This is a very good thing.

When I left the hospital, I forgot that it was produce coop day, I was dreading that chore. I guess the anxiety of my morning exhausted me a little. But God allowed everything to go peacefully and the kids got some much needed outside playtime while I sorted fruits and veggies. (It has been rainy or soggy because of the rain for several days now which has left them with cabin fever.) Watching them run and play happily was a tremendous blessing, a picture I will replace the "we're stuck in this house and movies, crafts, and dolls are no longer fun" grumpies they were being lifted from. It was nice. I wish we could have a camera and voice recorder permanently implanted in our brains. My camera is very dead, dropped and rolled over with a stroller at the zoo 2weeks after the warranty expired, bummer. A new one is on my wish list.

Wow, now I am rambling along--more later.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Years

I am so excited about becoming a blogger! I wanted to begin more than a year ago, but at that time I was a full-time wife, mom and student. But because of plans that God lay before me, I am finding that I now have a different perspective on the time I am given. Blogging allows for my life and memories to be neatly tucked away without the open invitation my prayer journal and personal notebook offer to the vast assortment of washable markers and a certain three year old that can be found in every room of my home. (What can I say we have several budding artist here, all no taller than 4'). And, of course, "We only color on PAPER", as Molly Grace would say. Only because being three years old she hears it more than once daily. In fact, this evening I had to pry a pink marker out of her sleeping hand. I think she would sharpy herself pink if I'd let her.
This is our last day of vacation, boo hoo. Tomorrow, I will face the nagging of my alarm and pray that His mercies will adhere, as I attempt to guide my little chicks to truth (peacefully and in a timely manner). It is getting very late, so I will post again soon.
So Happy New Year! I pray the Lord will bless you with good HEALTH and endless mercy as you draw nearer to Him.