Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We are Surviving and Hoping to Soon Be Thriving...

School is back in full swing and with lunches to be made, PE uniforms to be remembered and a new year of PTA, I am officially ready for summer vacation! I am not normally so gung-ho for the girls to be underfoot and I thought I would be ready to send them back, but after my crazy spring and the crazy arrival of our new prince...I have been pining away for the company of my girls. I have been kind-of sad actually.
I had grandiose plans of walking them to school nearly everyday and am working up to it slowly--I have only walked twice out of 6 days so far. I am really out of shape and it is hard work due to my incision still not being healed completely. I am praying that it will be closed and totally healed, that is not all bad news. I am making the effort, it is just slower going than I had anticipated. I have lost 11lbs. So yay for ME!!!
I am finding creative ways to meet my commitments with a bundle of blessings attached to me all the time. That is interesting for everyone involved. I am starting to doubt God's design in mothers--I think he should have considered making us with 8 arms, like the octopus.
Other new news, both Emma and Julianna are going to be in Augusta Players Youth Theater's production of A Year with Frog and Toad, so rehearsals will be all consuming in a couple of weeks with the show opening in the middle of, if you are in the area, look for the two cutest squirrels.
I am off to the store to buy some bread....I underestimated our sandwich count for this week.