Tuesday, March 6, 2007

All But One of our Troops are Up and Running

Thursday, Emma came home from school, rosy cheeked, glassy eyed and not quite looking like herself. My immediate response was to ask her how she was and to put my hand on her forehead. She felt HOT!

She answered in a confident voice that she had a bad headache, but she knew the cause.

I just had to know....

Okay, mommy, it was third recess and it was raining, so we had to stay inside
and we decided to have a domino contest. Well, it wasn't the dots one, it
was matching opposites...and that is when I got a tiny headache. Mommy, I
was just concentrating so hard on the dominoes that it made my brain get a tiny
ache. It just got worser and worser and worser still! Then my whole
entire head was really hot, but it was time to get my book bag and I didn't think
i really needed to tell Mrs. Jackson, since I was coming straight to the
car. And now, I am telling you! Since I am not feeling so good, do
you think I could lay down and watch TV in your room?

Okay, Emmabug!

The thermometer read 102.1.

Well, just when I thought we were totally clear, the pediatrician confirmed it with a flu culture-- with 7-10 days of rest, Motrin and Tylenol piggy-backed she will be good as new.

Poor baby. That was 5 days ago, she is still running a fever with the meds and feeling quite puny.

So much for those two bottles of Lysol I used last Wednesday. My house has never been so clean, yet I refuse, I mean, I refuse to do it again! Well, until she is fever free for 24 hours. I think the next time the flu comes sailing through, I won't clean anything until after we have all endured it!

I have one little girl who has yet to get it, in any form! Please pray for Julianna, she is tired of sitting out on life while the rest of the family has been sick. She has been on lock down since Valentine's Day, and is bored, bored, bored!

Gosh, I hope that through our diligence that no one will be sick on our account! It is a nasty bug this year!


Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that your Emmabug is feeling sick! I hope she gets well soon.

I'm offering up a prayer for Julianna. What a pretty name, Julianna! :)