Sunday, December 30, 2007

Talk About an Attitude Adjustment! (which I really needed)

I just received an email from Laura Anderson, who is a full-time missionary/worker at an orphanage of sorts or boys home. I came across her blog(s) and, several weeks ago, I think. But I when I thought I had saved it as favorite, the computer froze and shutdown...I never had success finding know the vicious chain of reading comments and clicking on other blogger profiles to scope things out...well, maybe I am the only one who does such things, anywho...
I was so deeply moved on how she spends her life and I made it a family goal to pray for her, though I couldn't remember her name. Well, sometime today, she emailed me from a comment I had left on her blog and it was so good to have that connection back. Now, I know how to find her and have the ability of keeping up with all her boys and praying for them as she posts their needs.
I would also like to gather a care package of sorts to help her with the 43 or so boys that she serves and shares the love of Christ with.
Missions have always been a priority in mine and my husbands hearts. We have offered gifts to several organizations and seek ways to help, but it is so much more meaningful when you have direct contact with the people you want to bless...
I am not at all insinuating that one shouldn't give blindly, without seeing the benefits...but, sometimes giving in situations like this, my kids can see and receive vividly how the Kingdom of Heaven on earth looks...
I responded asking what their needs may be and am going to try to recruit the help of my church and the ecumenical community we live in, the small portion I could give wouldn't buy a hill of beans, or tuna, or produce....but, if I sow my resource gathering resources of the body, then, maybe my efforts will have a tiny ripple in their lives and plant seeds in the hearts of my girls. I hope the opportunity rises. It would be for my own good...I am afraid I would bear far more blessings than I could ever hope to sow...
Anyway, I think I am done with my woe is me belly aching for quite awhile.
I am in awe! How does the Holy Spirit manage to prod me ever-so-gently and divert my eyes from my own whining and feed my soul so lavishly.
Thanks, Laura...I really feel like I have just feasted at the Kings table...
Good Night and God Bless You!

Let it Rain

I am so glad to have rain! It is kind of dreary out and very wet, but it hasn't rained like this in nearly, well I don't remember the last time it rained for nearly a week almost constantly. I think the gray was making me feel a little blue, but God reminded me that we had been praying for months for a good soaker.
So, thank you, Jesus...once again you reminded me of your faithfulness and you haven't forsaken us or our land!

Saturday, December 29, 2007


I recently went out with some girlfriends for the first time in almost a year. Like the first time of having like real girlfriend time in more than 12 months... It was fun to catch up with women who I used to be so very close to but then as our kids drifted (they are different ages involved in different things) so did we. After that evening, I realized how much of a homebody-loner I have become. I live quite the boring life-I think, it seems the most I do now is run carpools and strive to have my girls in bed by 7:30...I am usually jammied up and ready for bed then myself...
I, also, discovered that I am not a very fun person...I would much rather do nothing than initiate some great girls night out, dinner parties and the likes. Don't get me wrong, I love(d) people to come over and feel at home and hang out and waste time with me, I have just fallen out of the deep-committed-girl-friend routine that was me for so many years. I have become complacent and satisfied with merely existing. I really need to work on motivation, I kind of lost all sense of self last (school) year following my lymphoma diagnosis and year of scholastic hell I put myself through trying to flee from myself so I could find myself...I wonder what I was thinking.
FYI, I am not in some deep depression or hating my life, by any means...I am just realizing where I was and where I am and discerning where I want to go...I have been in a fog/survival/ is quite paralyzing. Now, I am privileged to be co-creating with God another new life and have the honor of choosing to exude Christ to this new little soul...that is exciting to me. (Minus the waking up 10 times to pee, and chronic fatigue that comes with it)
I am going to tuck my girls in (way too late, they are starting to slur their speech) and go to bed myself and pray that I am living life in a pleasing way that would look different and cause people to question my motives...
Crazy Pregnant Person I there is proof of how crazy I really am...hopefully I haven't scared any of the few readers that linger here.
Good night.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

On the Down side...

I have a UTI...bleck! Pray it goes away quick, please. This is the first one I have ever had. Oh yeah, (not that I try to be ugly or mean)but, my OB and ALL of her staff are morons and idiotic! I went in for a culture and they told my I'd have to wait until Monday to get results! I said a bad word (in my head), then calmly asked them if it was normal to have an infection and wait 5 extra days (making 8 total) for relief and treatment for an infection...
They said that they could do a quick culture and the nurse would call me today...5 hours later and after I called her (3 times) and 30 mins. before my pharmacy closed, she asked what exactly I needed and that she had never gotten any message or indication that I had come in (yet she talked to me originally this AM)...

Ugh, I feel better...

I am human having a very un-Christ-like attitude...Hopefully, tomorrow I will be sorry I was so merciless and repent...
Pray my attitude changes and that I feel better...
I feel like one of those GIANT water towers, I would love to be drained...

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

It is finally chilly about 40 degrees and we are having a lazy day (lazy, cause it is well past noon and I am in my jammies, but I have sorted and milled 20 cups of grain, baked 2 dozen dinner rolls for Christmas dinner, started my 8 dozen cinnamon rolls, and everything is wrapped, constructed and ready to go! Woohoo!!! It has been pretty peaceful, only one tragedy, I think the girls are actually getting tired of being home and playing...playing together, that is.
We have an annual Christmas Eve Chili dinner at my 'favorite Aunt C.C.'s (and Uncle Joe Turkey Toes)' this evening where we will visit with lots of my aunts, uncles and cousins. Then of to church at 8, I love our Christmas Eve service, but I am a bit nervous--I was asked to share about what Christ has revealed to me through this season, I hope I honor Him...hopefully the girls will fall asleep on the way home.
There is much anticipation as to what gifts will be revealed in the morning after their long winters nap:) and boy are they really excited! The suspense is almost over-Molly is under the impression that all we are giving and receiving is basketballs...except for the one unwrapped present that 'the dog' unwrapped and Polly was revealed with too many outfits and accessories to count...
We have a busy day with my family coming over at around 10 for brunch and then dinner at my parents and another dinner at my brother and sister (Mike's side) where we will cheerfully visit and roll all the way home.
I pray that the Savior will reveal His humble power to each of you in a beautifully, tangible way.
I will start posting pics soon...I am a slow learner, but things are quickly clicking:)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Better Keep 'Em Close...

I saw this on my friend, Will's blog...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mission POSSIBLE!...

...Today is our first day off from everything:). In the chaos of the last 3 days, we have lost something huge and it's something very hard to find. The floor! But I am going to turn my sleeves up and be determined to accomplish what seems impossible. I have the kids home today and we are going to be spending about 4 hours picking up, dusting, pairing shoes, rescuing Polly from the Nativity, spraying all the greenery, watering our Christmas tree and trying to remain sane, and cheerful all the while.

The reward for our efforts (drum roll, please) a walk around the block, and a mom wearing a big grin and feeling like I have conquered the world...well, our corner of the world at least.

God bless your day.

PS-Dearest Molly,
I loved that you came in at about 6 to snuggle and sleep for an extra hour in my arms! And when you giggled in your sleep this morning...I knew the day would be great! No matter how mundane things seem, your life, in our family makes washing little clothes a joy, and cutting your sandwich in triangles a gift and purpose for my existence. I love you:)! You are a gift!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's almost over...

The past two days has been crazy! Good crazy, I think. Just the hustle and bustle getting to dress rehearsals, making 2 dozen snowman sugar cookies and 2 giant gingerbread men, family coming in, grocery store run, a cake delivery in a neighboring town, and a subway lunch date with Mike<3!>

Today, my ninth anniversary is going to be just as crazy! But at the end of the day...I will have completed my marathon, the girls will be done with school, plays and parties, my shopping is done, wrapping, too, I am going to have a very yummy anniversary dinner with Mike at a local Japanese restaurant (which the baby has been CRAVING for almost a month now;), and quiet adult conversation will replace the loud, loaded kids that are on an infinitely high sugar buzz (free babysitting compliments of aunt tishy, my niece)....
Then, we are home free for 2 weeks! To relax and enjoy each other and those we love.
Oh yes, I forgot to mention....I am no longer operating under complete nausea! I only barf when unpleasant fragrances and food pass me...which, is way better than 10 times a day! So thank you, Jesus, I can enjoy your birthday cake and eat it, too!
Have a good day!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ode to a GREEEAAAAATTTT weekend!

Don't you love those weekends when nothing urgent has to be done and you are on a very minimal schedule? I DO!!!! I wish every weekend were like this past one.

To start off, school was canceled on Friday for my oldest two, Emma and Julianna, so we got an extra day together. Although, I did have to work Friday morning, they came with me and helped out some. Then, we came home and watched Frosty the Snowman and had a very relaxing afternoon-NICE! We did do a little shopping that evening, to get supplies to make our teacher gifts...Molly was cranky and was made to stay behind with Mike--it was for the best! Mike made us dinner, it was interesting...he is a great musician, artist, fun and hardworking kind-of guy, but, not the worlds best cook. We stayed up and watched Christmas movies Frosty Returns and White Christmas, well, they did Mike and I fell asleep at about 9 o'clock with the girls heaped around us.

Saturday morning I got 3 hours to myself to finish up my Christmas shopping...I hadn't bought a thing for Emma, but, luckily hit Target and the Family Bookstore. I successfully found everything but a porcelain doll at those two locations, yay. She asked for a bible, rollerblades, MP3 player and a porcelain doll. I, have been collecting things to fill their stockings like a movie, Adventures in Odyssey, and a few pieces of candy for everyone.

After tallying up all my holiday spending, I have only spent $217.58! (This includes my family's name swap 5 gifts, 11 teachers gifts, Mike's family-which is 17 people, and our girls) I am amazed. I shopped sales, ebay and we cut way back this year. We are choosing to die to our flesh and not buy into the commercialism. We want to bless our children and for them to be content, so we are sticking to getting them some of the things that they have asked for. We are spending money on blessing others, being sneaky secret saints (I asked each of the girls to pick someone in their class to bless, the kid who has a hard time or is 'different', we went and bought simple, fun treats and knocked and ran...watching them open the door was so rewarding), and just gueniunely putting others above ourselves.

Sorry, back on track...Saturday afternoon, Emma and I went to her Little Sister's Christmas party (think Brownie Girl Scouts, but it is through the ecumenical community we live in). There the girls made reindeer T-shirts with their handprint, played games, had yummy snacks, did the 'Wright's family gift exchange' with our Bingo winnings and read a beautiful story about a young polish girl who give away her blessings to receive treasure beyond measure. It was quite a memory making time for Emma and all the girls in her group...and me.

Then the rain came!!!! Thank you, Jesus!

We had a meal to deliver to our friends, who lost their 23-year-old son earlier this month. It was good to see them and their eldest son, Eric, who was in our wedding almost 9 years ago, but very sad knowing that Michael wouldn't be answering the door or there to hug my neck...he is in heaven in the full presence of the Father...I am jealous, but sad.

Sunday was a full, but lazy day we went to church and had friends over that we hadn't seen in a long time. It was good, short lived but good! We have an awesome church! Our pastor seeks the Lord with all his might and never wavers from speaking the truth, even when it's hard. It is home and we are fed and grow spiritually.
By evening, it was time to pack lunches and lay out uniforms for another busy week...lots of parties, caroling, baking and anticipating the coming of our KING!

Hope your weekend was a great and relaxing as ours!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fat Man's

As we were looking through the Christmas Trees inside Emma comment, 'There are tons of virgins, mom.'
Me: um, what do you mean, Emma.
Emma: Well, there are a bazillion trees in here and they are all decorated differently, with different um, virgins....
Me: Ah, yes there are lots of different VERSIONS or THEMES.
Emma: Yes, that's what I mean....and it's really cool.

Too cute!

The place we went to is really special and there is not anywhere else quite like it. The girls had alot of fun riding the electric train outside among the live trees for sale, buying boiled peanuts, and looking around at all the different virgins of, next time your in Augusta, Ga. you'll definitely want to visit.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas in July....

I am blasting the A/C and the Christmas carols and trying hard to keep my evergreen tree convinced that it really is cold season--so she'll stay everGREEN (well at least til New Years).

It is 83 degrees here and feels 95. To really get in the mood, I have decided to put off afternoon chores and do something fun! I have already received Molly Moo and Nanners from school and I leave in ten minutes to pick up my Emma~bug and we are going to head straight for their favorite Christmas spot in all of Augusta...Fat Man's Forest! I am going to surprise them and be their favorite for the afternoon and they will love me dearly and be so sugary sweet to me and just go on and on about how I am the best mom in the entire kingdom, then we will come home and I will force feed them salad and black beans and rice (not their favorite dinner).....Finally, reality will sink in and livin' large will turn into the old mundane 'Are you sure I need a bath and to brush my teeth?' and 'Will you please tuck me in really tight and read me one more story?' or 'I am not really that tired?' all things said while becoming ever-so whiny and rubbing eyes.

Hopefully, they will fall asleep each with a full belly, a happy heart and a great memory!
I know I will!

Lord, thanks for the freedom to waste time with my girls. I am very grateful to have them and watch them marvel in your blessings. Bless every mom who struggles to give her children a life free from fear and afford her every need. Give hope to the hopeless. Make me mindful of the needs of others and give me the grace to show your mercy. Amen!

P.S.--I will tell you how it goes; )

Monday, December 10, 2007

Adventures with Molly...

So, one week ago today, Molly woke up snotty, coughing, and with a really gross oozy red eye. I knew it exactly what we were dealing with and promptly made an appointment with our pediatrician. Once we were checked in and called back had read everything on the counter that would be of any interest, Dr. Getts came in and started with his flash light.
The verdict, PINK-EYE and the beginnings of a sinus infection! I knew it, I should have M.D. at the end of my name.
The funny part...
Dr. Getts: Molly, you have pink eye.
Molly: Oh no I don't, my eyes are blue.
Dr. Getts (chuckling): Yes, Molly you do have blue eyes, very pretty blue eyes, but your pretty blue eyes have a yucky germ and it made your eye turn pink. I will give you some medicine and it will go away quickly.
Molly (grinning from ear to ear): OOOHHHH, YES! That's okay because Pink is my favorwit color!

We both laughed and about 5 mins after he left the room and as we left, all the nurses were chuckling and in awe at how creatively precious my four-year-old was that day.

Have a good day!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Truth About St. Nick....

On the 5th of December, we were talking about St. Nick and how he lived his life in charity and humility for Jesus....Julianna wanted more information than I had to offer, so to the computer we go g-o-o-g-l-e dot com...St. Nick.... As I read to the girls, we came upon the date that he died. Boy could you see the gears turning in her little head, 'so he died, so he died, so he died...', I wondered how she was sorting all the info. in her head, but didn't say anything and neither did she. We mostly talked about how he lost his parents and was very wealthy and chose to spend his life loving others to Christ through generosity, kindness and gifts to the poor in spirit and needy. Then, we talked about how we could do this everyday and live with the same spirit, the Holy Spirit, in our hearts. We prayed that He would come and help us to see others needs both physical and spiritual and be guided to act on it, instead of remaining complacent and just feeling sad for others.
(Mike and I have followed the tradition of having the girls put their shoes out and waking up to treats on St. Nicolas Day (Dec. 6th), it is usually something simply this year it was small bag of mini m&m's, a lip gloss and another piece of candy. It is a fun tradition and the girls love it.)
Back to the Julianna story, things were great and fine until she got home from school the next afternoon and it was just her and I for awhile...the questions or comments (those things that she decided were truth based on the info. I had read to her)...
Julianna: 'So mom if St. Nick is dead and Santa Claus is just like him then who brings us our Christmas presents?'
Me: 'His helper.'
Julianna: 'The Holy Spirit is everyones helper, so the Holy Spirit brings them.'
Me: 'Not exactly.?.'
Julianna: 'Well you said that we could all be like St. Nick and so I KNOW we can all be his helper, right?'
Me: 'Right'
I couldn't lie...
Julianna: 'another thing, mom, I know that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the only ones that can be everywhere at the same time and Santa was just a man but he had the power of the Holy Spirit--he wasn't the Holy Spirit.' (all said in one breath, very matter-of-fact.
Me: speechless
Julianna: 'So, I think that you and dad are Santa's helpers and we can all be....I know that cause I saw Emma's Easy bake oven in the back of the van last year, I accidentally took the cover off of it and saw it....'
Me: Well, you have it all figured out, don't you?

It was really a relief, we were feeling a little bad about playing into the whole commercialized secular holiday that has become Christmas. We want to follow the example of Christ and St. Nick and to bless others and to see the true meaning lifted up, not the what am I getting, this is my list, is this all I get? mentality...
It would be okay for us to not get a thing and to go serve the lost people who are struggling with addiction, and it would be far more honoring to Christ.
Don't get me wrong, we are going to give our girls a stocking and a couple of presents, but our perspective has changed. I have always felt so guilty at the thought of having a small Christmas spread for our kids, so at the last minute I lay everything out on our bed and it just never seems to be enough--then I go out to Walmart or Target and buy 'filler stuff' with next months money so that the tree won't seem so bare. Shame on me...I was reminded of a simple song, it's chorus is 'I'm coming back to the heart of worship, and it's all about You, it's all about You, Jesus. I'm sorry Lord for the things I've made it, cause it's all about You, it's all about You, Jesus.'
That's what I want for my girls, I pray grateful hearts and content demeanor'.

P.S. This is not to condemn, it is just where the Lord has brought my heart. There is nothing wrong with gifting loved ones or buying presents for your kids and going along with the Santa tradition. I just pray that through the Advent and Christmas season that all would be blessed by the coming and presence of Jesus Christ and that all would be moved to be his hands and his feet and willing to listen to His spirit as it leads you to show His light to the lost, weary and forgotten.


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Don't have a Heartattack....I've been really busy....

So, yeah this is my first blog in about, well, six or seven months.....I think I am back on board....
I have lots of stories to share about my 3 chickadees, their plunderings and ideas that the gears in their little brains crank, I will start with why I have been sooo busy, too busy, in fact to blog....
I have a little bean growing in my belly and he/she has kept me quite busy barfing, craving salsa and instant mashed potatoes (not together), crying at toilet tissue commercials, and playing pacman (which really seems to help my nausea settle).
I have also been adjusting (since September) to the new schedule the kids going back to school... when does barfing fit in with making lunches, breakfast and beds???, yes, I am still adjusting...why can't class start at let's say, hmmm, sometime after noon would work for us....
Mike is not working for WRDW anymore, well since the end of July, it has been awhile, he is still pt at GNC, so go buy vitamins while you're at the mall Christmas shopping, and driving a truck for Golden Harvest Food Bank....I am changing poopie diapers on Fridays at Molly's preschool to off set the cost of her tuition, plus, I get a little spending money. I have been slacking somewhat on my church job, I could be doing better if I weren't puking 10 times a day....
So, this is to you Dottie-Wottie-Stinky-Poo-Poo...I will promise to try to be more on top of things....