Monday, December 10, 2007

Adventures with Molly...

So, one week ago today, Molly woke up snotty, coughing, and with a really gross oozy red eye. I knew it exactly what we were dealing with and promptly made an appointment with our pediatrician. Once we were checked in and called back had read everything on the counter that would be of any interest, Dr. Getts came in and started with his flash light.
The verdict, PINK-EYE and the beginnings of a sinus infection! I knew it, I should have M.D. at the end of my name.
The funny part...
Dr. Getts: Molly, you have pink eye.
Molly: Oh no I don't, my eyes are blue.
Dr. Getts (chuckling): Yes, Molly you do have blue eyes, very pretty blue eyes, but your pretty blue eyes have a yucky germ and it made your eye turn pink. I will give you some medicine and it will go away quickly.
Molly (grinning from ear to ear): OOOHHHH, YES! That's okay because Pink is my favorwit color!

We both laughed and about 5 mins after he left the room and as we left, all the nurses were chuckling and in awe at how creatively precious my four-year-old was that day.

Have a good day!


Dottie said...

Cute cute cute.

We'll see if pink is still her favorite color after all the itching and burning and mucous.

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Hi there! Your cousin, Jenna, sent me your way... just so you know where I came from! :)

I love the thought process of little kids. I have three BOYS! I don't know if 3 girls or 3 boys would be harder... doesn't really matter, they are all fun! :)

I thought I would direct you to Tiny Talk Tuesday where you might like to link this post to. We all link up to posts where our kids say and do cute/funny things.

Nice meeting you!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Hey there Dianna...welcome to Tiny Talk Tuesday! I think this is the post you were hoping we'd fine. Just an is easier if you use the permalink instead of just a link to your blog. That way we come directly to the Tiny Talk post instead of having to search for it.

details... :)

Loved this. I love kids. You will have to buy your daughter the book, "Pinkalicious!" It is all about a little girl who turns pink because she eats too many pink cupcakes. It is really cute. My girls love it.