Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

It is finally chilly about 40 degrees and we are having a lazy day (lazy, cause it is well past noon and I am in my jammies, but I have sorted and milled 20 cups of grain, baked 2 dozen dinner rolls for Christmas dinner, started my 8 dozen cinnamon rolls, and everything is wrapped, constructed and ready to go! Woohoo!!! It has been pretty peaceful, only one tragedy, I think the girls are actually getting tired of being home and playing...playing together, that is.
We have an annual Christmas Eve Chili dinner at my 'favorite Aunt C.C.'s (and Uncle Joe Turkey Toes)' this evening where we will visit with lots of my aunts, uncles and cousins. Then of to church at 8, I love our Christmas Eve service, but I am a bit nervous--I was asked to share about what Christ has revealed to me through this season, I hope I honor Him...hopefully the girls will fall asleep on the way home.
There is much anticipation as to what gifts will be revealed in the morning after their long winters nap:) and boy are they really excited! The suspense is almost over-Molly is under the impression that all we are giving and receiving is basketballs...except for the one unwrapped present that 'the dog' unwrapped and Polly was revealed with too many outfits and accessories to count...
We have a busy day with my family coming over at around 10 for brunch and then dinner at my parents and another dinner at my brother and sister (Mike's side) where we will cheerfully visit and roll all the way home.
I pray that the Savior will reveal His humble power to each of you in a beautifully, tangible way.
I will start posting pics soon...I am a slow learner, but things are quickly clicking:)


Dottie said...

I truly enjoyed hearing what God has been doing in you and teaching you this Christmas season. I love you and we HAVE to hang out while I'm home this time!

Dottie said...

p.s. did the girls like the cd? Even if they didn't, I figured you and Mike would.