Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fat Man's

As we were looking through the Christmas Trees inside Emma comment, 'There are tons of virgins, mom.'
Me: um, what do you mean, Emma.
Emma: Well, there are a bazillion trees in here and they are all decorated differently, with different um, virgins....
Me: Ah, yes there are lots of different VERSIONS or THEMES.
Emma: Yes, that's what I mean....and it's really cool.

Too cute!

The place we went to is really special and there is not anywhere else quite like it. The girls had alot of fun riding the electric train outside among the live trees for sale, buying boiled peanuts, and looking around at all the different virgins of, next time your in Augusta, Ga. you'll definitely want to visit.


Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Oh, I love FAT MAN'S! I lived in Augusta (well, Evans) while I was in high school and my parents were there while I was in college. FAT MAN'S is a great place! Love the boiled peanuts, too. :)

Ok, now to Emma's thoughts... I am laughing out loud! (deserving of writing it all out instead of LOL!) That is absolutely hilarious!

As for Jenna... she and I worked together in Dublin. I have since moved. We only email maybe 2 - 3 times a year - just to stay in touch. I'm really glad she sent me your blog address; it will be nice to make another "mommy blogger buddy"!

My tiptoeing son... we've been given three more years before looking at surgery again. The dr said it is habit and he should outgrow it. If he doesn't by age 8, we take him back in for a checkup. However, the botox thing... I'll keep that in mind if necessary; much less intrusive! thanks for the idea.


Dottie said...

funny, funny. never a dull moment with your girls.