Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's almost over...

The past two days has been crazy! Good crazy, I think. Just the hustle and bustle getting to dress rehearsals, making 2 dozen snowman sugar cookies and 2 giant gingerbread men, family coming in, grocery store run, a cake delivery in a neighboring town, and a subway lunch date with Mike<3!>

Today, my ninth anniversary is going to be just as crazy! But at the end of the day...I will have completed my marathon, the girls will be done with school, plays and parties, my shopping is done, wrapping, too, I am going to have a very yummy anniversary dinner with Mike at a local Japanese restaurant (which the baby has been CRAVING for almost a month now;), and quiet adult conversation will replace the loud, loaded kids that are on an infinitely high sugar buzz (free babysitting compliments of aunt tishy, my niece)....
Then, we are home free for 2 weeks! To relax and enjoy each other and those we love.
Oh yes, I forgot to mention....I am no longer operating under complete nausea! I only barf when unpleasant fragrances and food pass me...which, is way better than 10 times a day! So thank you, Jesus, I can enjoy your birthday cake and eat it, too!
Have a good day!