Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas in July....

I am blasting the A/C and the Christmas carols and trying hard to keep my evergreen tree convinced that it really is cold season--so she'll stay everGREEN (well at least til New Years).

It is 83 degrees here and feels 95. To really get in the mood, I have decided to put off afternoon chores and do something fun! I have already received Molly Moo and Nanners from school and I leave in ten minutes to pick up my Emma~bug and we are going to head straight for their favorite Christmas spot in all of Augusta...Fat Man's Forest! I am going to surprise them and be their favorite for the afternoon and they will love me dearly and be so sugary sweet to me and just go on and on about how I am the best mom in the entire kingdom, then we will come home and I will force feed them salad and black beans and rice (not their favorite dinner).....Finally, reality will sink in and livin' large will turn into the old mundane 'Are you sure I need a bath and to brush my teeth?' and 'Will you please tuck me in really tight and read me one more story?' or 'I am not really that tired?' all things said while becoming ever-so whiny and rubbing eyes.

Hopefully, they will fall asleep each with a full belly, a happy heart and a great memory!
I know I will!

Lord, thanks for the freedom to waste time with my girls. I am very grateful to have them and watch them marvel in your blessings. Bless every mom who struggles to give her children a life free from fear and afford her every need. Give hope to the hopeless. Make me mindful of the needs of others and give me the grace to show your mercy. Amen!

P.S.--I will tell you how it goes; )


Mary@notbefore7 said...

So hope you had fun!

I have three kiddos too.

I had a great time reading your blog!