Friday, February 2, 2007

Do you ever feel out of the loop?

Opened a few emails last night and I got kind-of sad. All my friends are living life and it seems to just pass land-o-lindsey by...I'll explain, our home used to be the hang out, everyone stopped (usually for food or a couch) but I felt so connected to people, the people, the ones that you love and they love you back (like the one's that tell you a giant booger is hanging out of your nose or the ones that personally scrape the lipstick off your teeth with their fingernails, you know who they are). They all quit coming by to chat, coming by because they smelled food or noticed that I was unloading new groceries, or cause my front door was open and my precious baby(ies) were sprawled against the glass like starfish against a rock. I am not, well not totally, insecure--but I loved that role, the house everybody crashed at...everybody always feels welcome and comfy here. Maybe it happened as our family grew or because we moved, I just know that I wasn't as free to get out and it was so nice that people stopped by and landed here for awhile. If you are one of those old people or the of the newer variety (people who have more recently made my life a little happier), just wave as you pass and come by when you can slow down. I love you all.

P.S. We now have at least 12 hours of live entertainment and offer no cover charge, but you have to be here by 7:30PM or you'll miss it. It is lots of comedy, little drama with moments of tragedy!


Amie said...

Hey, so cool you found my blog.....yours if great too, it is neat how you can get to know people better this way........

Anyway, I always wanted to be that family too, especially as my kids grew up, I love to have a full house, so I totally understand what you mean. People do seem too busy these days to just "sit on the front porch and jaw a bit" it is kinda sad.

Blessings, Amie :)