Wednesday, February 7, 2007

What's Cookin' with Molly...

This evening, I finally was able to cook a meal--we have had a stomach virus in our home since Sunday morning and we have done very little eating.
I have not been to the store in quite some time and wasn't sure what I had to fix...
Molly comes rushing into the kitchen and squeals that she wants to help me cook dinner. I said sure and she proceeded to ask me what was on the list... I said what list... she said the dinner cookin' list... my older girls begged for tacos and (I know I am crazy to think of such food after being vomit free for only 27 hours, but they were quite insistent) so I search in the very tippy-top of my cupboard and found one of those kits.
I explained to Molly that the box had the list and she just couldn't understand what I was talking about, she kept saying no mommy it is in your box of dinner lists... she was very upset with me. Mexican at our house is usually home-made tortillas and seasoned black beans and rice with fresh guacamole and the works. But my pantry was lacking, I didn't have the time to mill flour and make the tortillas or know if people would actually graduate from our diet of Gatorade and saltines--so dinner was very thrown together.
I normally am very whole-food-mostly-organic-food-cooking conscious mama. I cannot tell you the last time we ate a box dinner of any kind, I don't buy processed anything if I can help it, what can I say- I am a hippy at heart. I am not (or don't think I am) the preachy T-total-er about it. I just want to give my family the best I can. So, anyway, I sat Molly down and explained to her that sometimes you can buy dinner in a box and you just add extra stuff to it. She wasn't quite sure but agreed that she still wanted to help.
So, I started naming off things we'd need-- 'sprinkle cheese', sour cream, salsa, lettuce, you get the drift and she was back on the wagon eagerly fetching stuff from the fridge. I just thought it was funny how she thought I was from a different planet when I told her that dinner was from a box.
She did not touch anything except beans, our blue corn tortilla chips and the sprinkles. She said the ground turkey was to stingy on her tongue.
Oh well, I guess she is a whole-food snob.