Monday, January 22, 2007

Convenience Should Never Be the Issue

I was given the best gift on Saturday. My husband, who is amazing, scored some free tickets to the Augusta Futurity and planned on taking the girls for the day. I was so excited--I was going to get shoo out all the excessive dust-bunnies without help.
First, we had a very quick visit to pay as a family. I had made arrangements to (per Julianna's demanding request) visit our friend Diane to pray for a miracle and to bring her some cookies. Julianna, who is gifted with compassion and the most beautiful faith, knew these two things would do the trick for our dying friend. Upon entering Diane's room, we experienced the peace of Jesus in the most real and profound way. Diane lay there weak listening to her sister-in-law reading about the woman at the well, Diane was content and peaceful soaking up the words. It was enough. I can't remember the last time I had that kind of contentment just to lay and soak up the Word of God. She was beautiful. We were left with her for a little while and we prayed over her and the girls got to love on her, it was truly beautiful. Mike and the girls made their way out after hugs and kisses and I offered to stay awhile longer. I just couldn't leave. Her earthly body was obviously in a state of failure, but her spirit was so strong and confident--I just wanted to soak it up. I had the pleasure of reading the bible to her for a while, she was too weak to speak much, but occasionally she would beam with joy, mutter "amen", "thank-you, Jesus",or squeeze my hand ever so slightly. My sister lay dying and yet she was infectious and contagious with the peace and joy of the Lord! She stirred and I asked her if she was in any pain and her response was "no, thank God!".What a testament to the Lord.
I was given the opportunity to tell her that I love her and that God loved her, as I said these words she just smiled. I was given a priceless gift. Our friend died last night at about 11:30. Thank-you, Jesus for giving me the chance to say good-bye. Dishes, laundry, and dust-bunnies can wait--Don't put off for tomorrow what can be done today.
I ask all who read this to pray ceaselessly for her daughter, Marki, she is in state of brokenness and feeling quite abandoned. Please pray that God's endless mercy would be revealed to her in a very tangible way. And if you seek deeper faith--pray to have a heart like Diane's.
I pray that everyone who reads this would be motivated as much as I am, to seek the Lord through his word, his works and would grow content in His Presence.
Thank-you, Jesus for my friend. Thank-you for giving her to us, she was a true gift and thank-you for taking care of Marki, I know that you are big enough to handle this--give us the faith to believe that You will reveal Your Glory in perfect time. Amen.
"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord"


Amy Parris said...


What a gift you must have been to her. It was God's reward for your ever faithful service to Him. It reminds me of when I got the opportunity to say my last goodbye to my grandpa because of your willingness to sing at his home. You are awesome.

My name is Dianna said...

thank you amy! you encourage me and call me on--i am blessed to have been given the opportunity to be apart of that. most times divine appointments are in the everyday choices we make. i am so blessed to have my thread in that season of your quilt. when i feel overwhelmed with my priorities, i pray selfishly that i will see or experience the blessings that others receive. i don't want to take it--just watching it unfold feeds my heart. i pray that i am never too weary to be on the giving end, just like diane, even on my death bed. i am so overwhelmed with gods love for me through all of this. thanks for sharing with me.

lringel said...