Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Miracle is Needed

A dear family friend, who has been battling cancer for a few years, has just been put in hospice care. I have been so very encouraged by her. She has claimed the Lords healing, I just pray that His healing wouldn't take her from us here on earth.
I battle with a rare lymphatic disease and complain often. She calls me, encourages me, sends me notes and she prays for me. She is dying and she faithfully prays for me. Who am I, to deserve such a friend? I have just realized, in this very moment, that I have little faith. My friend is dying, her days are numbered....and she lives like the Lord has a million more for her and He does, I am just praying that there might be many more here on earth. I am so selfish and ungrateful for the gift she is and will always be. In my ungratefulness, Lord give her a miracle here, I beg you.
In my own battle, I have allowed myself to live in fear of the number of days that I have left (a worthless thought). I choose now to let the Lord be in charge! I plan on living life here for God's glory! I will choose to let the Lord determine how many days I have and be grateful for those He puts in my path. How can He heal me when I am so resistant?
I will choose to give my husband and children the best I can muster. I will choose to smile more because I am so very loved by God--I have the most incredible family and friends. I choose to accept the grace that the Lord gives me. I will try to be joyful and not complain. I will steward the relationships I have to the best of my ability. I want people to see Jesus in me, no, I want them to feel Jesus when around me. These are the traits that I've experience in the presence of my friend, she is faithful and holy.
I am a daughter of the King! I know that He hears me and I know His comfort is at hand. I will etch this in my heart until my days on earth are no more. I want my girls to know this TRUTH as it is part of their being--my friend helped me realize this. I thank you Jesus for her and pray your blessing on her. Heal her, and heal me as you see fit. Show us Your glory in this.
Her life in a nutshell is summarized by this scripture, 'let everything that has breath praise the LORD!'.