Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Years

I am so excited about becoming a blogger! I wanted to begin more than a year ago, but at that time I was a full-time wife, mom and student. But because of plans that God lay before me, I am finding that I now have a different perspective on the time I am given. Blogging allows for my life and memories to be neatly tucked away without the open invitation my prayer journal and personal notebook offer to the vast assortment of washable markers and a certain three year old that can be found in every room of my home. (What can I say we have several budding artist here, all no taller than 4'). And, of course, "We only color on PAPER", as Molly Grace would say. Only because being three years old she hears it more than once daily. In fact, this evening I had to pry a pink marker out of her sleeping hand. I think she would sharpy herself pink if I'd let her.
This is our last day of vacation, boo hoo. Tomorrow, I will face the nagging of my alarm and pray that His mercies will adhere, as I attempt to guide my little chicks to truth (peacefully and in a timely manner). It is getting very late, so I will post again soon.
So Happy New Year! I pray the Lord will bless you with good HEALTH and endless mercy as you draw nearer to Him.