Friday, January 5, 2007

Everyone is back in school and preschool, it is now time for me to get on board! I am excited to get back in the groove, but wanting to want to start is sooooo hard.

So, I had a CAT scan yesterday, and am anxiously awaiting the results--I may have to go the weekend before I know how much they have grown. My chickadees are the best comfort and great prayer warriors.
So, aside from everything tasting like metal and cold beverages feeling boiling in my mouth (I know,it's weird), I am fine. The best thing yesterday was that the nurse found a vein without any tissue excavation--no bruises this time. This is a very good thing.

When I left the hospital, I forgot that it was produce coop day, I was dreading that chore. I guess the anxiety of my morning exhausted me a little. But God allowed everything to go peacefully and the kids got some much needed outside playtime while I sorted fruits and veggies. (It has been rainy or soggy because of the rain for several days now which has left them with cabin fever.) Watching them run and play happily was a tremendous blessing, a picture I will replace the "we're stuck in this house and movies, crafts, and dolls are no longer fun" grumpies they were being lifted from. It was nice. I wish we could have a camera and voice recorder permanently implanted in our brains. My camera is very dead, dropped and rolled over with a stroller at the zoo 2weeks after the warranty expired, bummer. A new one is on my wish list.

Wow, now I am rambling along--more later.


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