Friday, March 23, 2007

The Power of a Stamp

Emma's first grade class at school has been collecting postcards via snail-mail, the idea was that postcards from all over the world would help the children learn geography and map skills. I (b/c, hello how is a 6-year-old going to contract all her distant friends and relatives, I mean really) was very late getting started on this project due to recent illness and was terribly afraid that Emma would be the lonely child with no postcards to place on the map. So, I got this smart idea....I emailed all my relatives and I also have profiles on an open forums, in which I keep in touch with lots of people. I sent them all messages asking them to forward the message to their most trusted friends and family--it became a chain and Emma has gotten so many postcards for MY, I mean her, project that I no longer worry about her crushed spirit, she beams every time I pick her up. We have only run into one problem, we're (I'm) not quite sure about the identity of all the postcard senders.

I was just amazed at how all kinds of people, strangers (to us) mostly, have taken the time on their vacations, gone out of the way to hit up there city/state/country information centers, and put effort into passing the word when I was in a pinch and trying to create lost time. My family, friends and their peeps amaze me!
Then, I started thinking about how humanity as a whole has insurmountable ability to pull together when someone states a need. This was such a tiny thing, but it really makes my little girl feel like she has a connection to every person who spent their time to send her, a little girl in Augusta, Georgia, United States of America, a 4x6 picture with their name and current location.
At that moment, 3:01 PM eastern time, when she hops in the van and her eyes are extra sparkly, I know that in her soul she gets it- she understands that the world has 'got her back'! That people are created to co-exist and to help each other out.
She's my baby girl and once again, I have been reminded of how precious life is and that it is much more exciting to add your thread to the grand tapestry (even with its flaws and irregularities) than it is to hold back, sit on the side, wound on a spool and never be used.
I can't wait for my other children to get that gleam in their bright, blue eyes and know that their little souls have understood something great!


lringel said...

How many she have now?

My name is Dianna said...

More than 30 and less than 100. I know that is broad but she has a heap! We are going to add them to her desktop under glass "old-school-bollweevil" style. I can't wait to read them myself.

Dottie said...