Sunday, October 26, 2008

Craziness It Starts With a Capital D

...Mike is out of town this weekend, he'll be home around 11:00 tonight. I was determined to have fun with the girls, when I am gone, that's what he gets to do....
Our activities without him have included,
Friday night, taco bell....I asked and everyone ordered their wasn't until I sat down with the food and the two younger princesses learned that Taco Bell has KIDS MEALS! And, There was much wailing and gnashing of, I went back and ordered a second dinner....our $9 meal had turned into $17....
I was not going to be shaken! I. WAS. GOING. TO. HAVE. FUN! So we went to the dollar theater and attempted to watch Journey to the Center of the Earth, two potty breaks later the movie was over. It was a good movie.
We were home at about 10:15 and it was to bed.
Saturday, we woke up at 8:30-this was heavenly. 9:30 girl #2 went on a little sisters outing and Aunt Lulu came to watch girl #3 and Owen, while girl #1 went to an audition for A Christmas Carol--12:15 I was home and loaded girl #1 and Owen to go to #1's little sisters meeting at the indoor aquatic center here in town for some chilly weather swimming. Back at 3:20....Load everyone at 3:40 go to the dreaded Walmart to pick up all the candy and treats for our childrens portion of our churches Fall Festival 5:10 home again.
Make Salad, bread, load dessert and everyone to go to a dinner with some friends....leave at 6:27, it was three doors away. Relax. Breath.
7:30 load back up throw kids in bed
Feed Owen, bathe, change him 9:00 I was out.
Sunday 7AM
Up, breakfast, load up for church at 9AM
Help arrives at church...Thank you, Lord!!! stuff treat bags. Attend worship, Feed Owen...Set up tables deal with kids on a sugar high. Eat lunch...feed other people kids more sugar send them home:) Clean up. Load up. Stop in at a department store to buy picture day outfits (for tomorrow). Home at 3:38. Baby naps Kids out to play....Laundry, breakfast dishes.
Dinner at 5:30 and now the girls are in the shower and getting ready for bed by 8PM....

Told ya I am crazy....BTW, it has been fun but it is different being the mom left to tend...when I leave, I generally leave meals cooked and things in order...and come home to restore order...maybe that's why Mike has so much fun!