Saturday, March 22, 2008

Life with Girls...Busy, Busy, Busy....

It has been a whirl-wind month here! Lots of exciting things have gone on in our lives. I am going to simply list them and you will know why I haven't had the neurons to rub together to produce anything worth here is the bulk of how we have spent our time...

1) Julianna was an Oompa Loompa in Augusta Players Children's Wing Production of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', which, let me tell you...we spent our entire weeks grocery budget at Chik-Fil-A and Subway over that 7 days of late rehearsal and showtime. (I was worried that I had gained 20 lbs., I only gained two. Thank you Jesus. It was the best thing for Julianna, it gave her something of her own, it helped her to see that her contribution to big projects can be accepted and appreciated.
2) Emma auditioning and accepting a part as a Munchkin in Augusta Players Mainstage Theater, big deal, she will have to miss a week of school because of all the school performances that they will offer.
3) I have done at least 105 loads of laundry, we did have the tummy bug twice....we are all better here-Praise the Lord.
4) I have had 6 doctors appointments in the last month. All good and the biggest blessing, my original OB, the incredible one who sat in bed with me while I labored with Emma and then saved her life and that delivered my other two girls, who just recently decided to quit OB work and only do gynecology, you know, well she has picked me up and is going to deliver Owen in June and made note in my chart that she would oversee any and all OB care I could ever need. Dr. Chance, I love you!!! She rocks and I am soo blessed....not knowing who was going to deliver my baby (by C-section) caused many tears on my part. When she first walked in the exam room, her words were precious and few, 'Welcome home, Dianna!'.
5) My girls have been on Spring Break this past week. It has been so nice to welcome the pollen by sleeping in until 8 or 8:30 every morning. Our week has been fun. Lots of digging up wild onions, cleaning them and distributing them to neighbors (who graciously accepted these fine treasures from the backyard), a fashion show put on by my girls and their friend at a local department store-trying on 20 dresses each and strutting down the aisle, after being announced in such charming spring trends, of course, Easter Egg Hunts and parties and ending everyday scrubbing under toe nails and finger nails because of the hours spent being kids getting filthy in the yard.
6) Making plans to finish our kitchen, we have been walking on sub-flooring for 3 years because of a tile job gone wrong and now we have the financial ability to hire out the job. I am soo excited!
We will be changing all the colors in our living spaces with this venture, too.
7) Prayerfully discerning and making the decision 'to or not to' homeschool in the fall. We haven't decided for sure, but it may be the best thing for at least two of our girls--I am researching and asking for clarity and grace.
8) Making laid back and fun preparations for a Happy Resurrection Sunday! We are going to try those resurrection cookies and egg dying tonight and contributing a 7-layer salad, dirt cake and heading up the great Hunt at Papa and Nana's tomorrow after church.

It has been busy and exciting and I am still trying to put all the pieces back in place so I can see the floor, but I wouldn't and couldn't trade it for the world!

May Christ fill you with wonder and awe as you Rise With Him on Resurrection Day!