Monday, June 25, 2007

T-ball, the pool and then.....BACKING INTO A PARKED CAR.....

Well, the day was sweltering and t-ball practice was torture, so we stayed at the Y for a quick swim to cool off. After about an hour, I called it quits.

I loaded the girls in the van and got everyone buckled and backed out of my space and into the tail-end of a van that was parked on a yellow curb, right behind me. After mumbling a not so nice word under my breath, I turned back around and pulled back in the same spot. I got out to see the damage, a little miffed at a) myself for hitting a parked car and b) at the lady who parked there illegally. Then I called Mike to find the number for dispatch and he couldn't find I called our policeman friend, Kenny to get it from him. Just then, a very pleasant man and woman came to me and asked if I had called the police and I told them that I hadn't dialed it yet...

The gentleman who was in the van I hit, when I hit it assured the lady that it wasn't a big deal that he and his buddy could fix it--no problem. So she, the driver, who wasn't present when I backed into her van said that there was no reason to haggle with our insurance companies that it was a wash. I was not so convinced, so I kept asking questions and then made the comment to the effect that I could not pay for damage out of pocket, if it ever came to that and that she was illegally parked, so I would rather go ahead and file a report. I did not want her to get a ticket or in trouble or anything of the sort--but, if it was by chance my fault (and, legally it was) I couldn't buy her a new bumper for her van. She was so insulted by this comment. She said that she thought that she was being very generous and kind, and 'this is what the world has come try and be kind and people believe that you're some kind of backstabbing person. Why would she expect me to pay for it if we both walk away'....She was 'appalled that I would say such things about her'. I was merely trying to communicate with her.
I didn't know her from Adam's house cat! For all I knew, she could be a con-artist and parked there hoping that someone would hit her. Or, she could be a wonderful God-fearing woman--I don't and won't judge her....I just had to do what was in the best interest for me and my house. She was a stranger, not my best friend or family member...and even if she were, I think that I still would have opted for a report to protect my friendship.
She just went back to her car and I called my police friend back and asked what I should do and he encouraged me to call dispatch. A moment later, she comes back over assuring me that she was a woman of her word and that yes, she was appalled at my reaction and she was going to leave and be done with it. I vividly communicated to her that I was sorry that she took such offense, that I, by no means meant any negativity by what I said, I was just trying to communicate with her, and to make sure I was covered. She left.
I called dispatch to report the accident. I did learn that if you hit a parked car, even if it is illegally parked, you are at fault. So it was in my best interest to file. But the Good Lord was watching over me, the officer who responded thought it all sounded fishy, and called his lieutenant, who refused to charge me with the accident because I did the ethical thing and reported the accident. The officer took it as Miscellaneous Claim, instead of an Accident Claim. Now, if she decides that she want to report the accident, she will be charged as fleeing the scene and it won't reflect negatively on my insurance.
Emma was astonished, she said "Mom, you mean you turned yourself in? That is the silliest thing! Why on earth would you want to do that"
I responded that it is better to be honest and to take responsibility for your actions than to run and hide when you do something wrong. It is near impossible to receive God's mercy if you won't confess your wrong-doings. This may be precisely why God allowed me to go through this. A character trait physically tangible for my girls to relate to always. Who knows.
What a day--Thank God for the new one He will give me in the tomorrow.
God Bless that woman wherever she is. Protect her and bless her abundantly. Thank you for your guidance through this not so fun situation and convict me and forgive me of any wrong-doing if I am guilty. If I run into her again, no if I ever see her again help Your mercy to shine through me. Amen.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

On the way in the backdoor...

As we walked up the step to the backdoor, Molly said, "It won't open", in her whiniest voice.

Me, "Well, guess what I have?"

Julianna, loud and confident, "The key!"

Molly, "That's because you work here."

Me, "I DO?"

Julianna as she walked through the sunroom, singing, "Yeah, your our slave...."